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  • 5501
    Register.it review Incl. 22 user reviews
    • Space 20 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 1 GB – 64 GB
    AU$7.96 / mo
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  • 5502
    Daily.co.uk review Incl. 14 user reviews
    • Space 5 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 512 MB – 32 GB
    AU$4.31 / mo
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  • 5503
    Servint review Incl. 17 user reviews
    • Space 50 GB – 2 TB
    • RAM 1.5 GB – 128 GB
    AU$72.89 / mo
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  • 5504
    NetFirms review Incl. 15 user reviews
    • Space Unlimited
    • RAM 512 MB – 2 GB
    AU$7.36 / mo
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  • 5505
    JustHost review Incl. 37 user reviews
    • Space 30 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 2 GB – 16 GB
    AU$5.88 / mo
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  • 5506
    Gridhost review Incl. 15 user reviews
    • Space 2 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 2 GB – 96 GB
    AU$3.94 / mo
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  • 5507
    VPSFAST review Incl. 20 user reviews
    • Space 15 GB – 100 GB
    • RAM 512 MB – 4 GB
    AU$5.95 / mo
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  • 5508
    Oxito review Incl. 14 user reviews
    • Space 5 GB – 100 GB
    • RAM 0 B
    AU$1.52 / mo
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  • 5509
    IT Itch review Incl. 14 user reviews
    • Space Unlimited
    • RAM 512 MB – 16 GB
    AU$8.93 / mo
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  • 5510
    iPower review Incl. 15 user reviews
    • Space 5 GB – Unlimited
    • RAM 1 GB – 16 GB
    AU$5.94 / mo
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HostAdvice employs the most experienced web admins worldwide. Each of our experts has extensive experience in the industry and, more importantly, continually upgrades their knowledge and skill daily. The most important thing for us at HA and the tech industry, in general, is to always remain up-to-date with the newest innovations and a step ahead of the competition.

Our authors constantly check and go through hundreds of companies to select the best vendors. In turn, they can grant you insights into emerging trends, trustworthy web hosts, quality products/services, superior customer support, and features.

Better yet, that’s not where it ends. The HostAdvice community also includes the global base of web consumers. Whether a beginner or a pro, each customer can assume the role of an “expert” and leave a user review on our page. In turn, you can get a comprehensive view of one’s quality and performance. More importantly, at HostAdvice, we take extensive measures to ensure the reviews are credible and genuine, thus eliminating the fake ones. After all, you don’t want to be relying on paid comments and good words – we have your best interests in mind.


What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the service of storing data that can keep websites up and running for users through the usage of servers. Every website you visit online has a host server, where many of them use a web host to manage that storage. Keep in mind that not every single hosting provider out there has the same quality level. Factors such as uptime and data speed, and quantity of transfer can differ from provider to provider.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

In shared web hosting, each user gets a portion of the total available resources. This way, multiple domains can be hosted on a single server, and this means that the server’s capabilities are split across the websites. While this does not give websites the best of performance, it is the most affordable option out there and fit for a lot of beginners.

What is a Domain Name?

Discussing a domain name is the name of the website, and every website has its own unique domain name. In order to get yours, you will need to purchase it through a domain registrar. They can cost anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars based on the contract and the domain’s popularity.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is essentially the amount of data that is accessed when viewing a website. Every time a user views a website, data is transferred, and the measurement of that data transfer is bandwidth.

What is Disk Space?

Disk space is the total space available for a user in order to store files. Files can be in any type, including HTML, images, and videos, and at any single given time, the total file size cannot exceed the disk space.

What are the best web hosting companies?

This is highly dependent on what you need, but if you are looking for the best host company, you can pick between FastComet, Kamatera, HostArmada, A2 Hosting, and Hostinger. For more details and in-depth analysis, Click Here.

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