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Our Best Dedicated Server Hosting of 2023

Are you looking to upgrade your web hosting plan? Discover the best dedicated server hosting providers with superior security features, root access, and complete control over customization. Our experts have chosen the most outstanding dedicated server hosting services, Their suggestions are InterServer or Kamatera.

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski,
Hosting Expert

Top 8 Dedicated Servers Providers

  • 1
    Kamatera review Incl. 140 user reviews
    Windows / Linux OS
    Guaranteed Dedicated Resources
    Deploy Your Own Servers in Seconds
    • Space 20 GB – 50 GB
    • RAM 1 GB – 8 GB
    AU$5.97 / mo
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  • 2
    HostUpon review Incl. 86 user reviews
    • Space 75 GB – 1 TB
    • RAM 2 GB – 16 GB
    AU$261.04 / mo
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  • 3
    Provisov.net review Incl. 378 user reviews
    Cheap and Powerful Web Hosting In Ten Countries Around The Globe
    Modern Technologies, CloudLinux, SSD Drives, LiteSpeed Web Server & HTTP/2 Protocol For Lightning-Fast Websites
    Refund Of Funds (Moneyback) For Any Period Of Hosting At Your Request
    • Space 500 GB – 1 TB
    • RAM 1.6 GB – 2 GB
    AU$59.67 / mo
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  • 4
    Cloudways review Incl. 535 user reviews
    SSD, Pre-Configured PHP-FPM, HTTP/2 Supported Servers
    Auto-Healing VPS Servers Without Website Crashing
    Pay As You Go Billing
    • Space 25 GB
    • RAM 1 GB
    AU$17.90 / mo
    2 Coupons
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  • 5
    MochaHost review Incl. 615 user reviews
    An astounding 180-Day Money-back Guarantee an all Shared, Reseller, and VPS Hosting plans
    LifeTime Discount Guarantee through which your renewal fee will be the same as your initial price plan
    Enterprise-Grade Data Centers with N+2 Redundancy and SAS 70 Type II Certifications
    • Space 50 GB – 800 GB
    • RAM 2 GB – 26 GB
    AU$28.34 / mo
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  • 6
    Shinjiru review Incl. 434 user reviews
    Strongbolt Web Hosting Solutions with DDoS Protection
    Anonymous Payment Options, Enterprise-Grade Hardware, Certified Domain Registrar
    ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Level
    • Space 256 GB – 4 TB
    • RAM 16 GB – 128 GB
    AU$74.43 / mo
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  • 7
    ASPHostPortal.com review Incl. 398 user reviews
    Cheap, Reliable Windows Hosting and ASP.NET SSD Hosting Provider
    World-Class Data Centers In 12 Different Cities In The US, Europe, Asia, and Australia
    Microsoft No #1 Hosting Partner With The Latest Microsoft and ASP.NET Technology
    • Space 40 GB – 160 GB
    • RAM 1 GB – 8 GB
    AU$26.85 / mo
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  • 8
    King Servers review Incl. 193 user reviews
    • Space 128 GB – 2 TB
    • RAM 8 GB – 128 GB
    AU$117.84 / mo
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  • 9
    VCCLHosting review Incl. 102 user reviews
    • Space 60 GB – 1000 GB
    • RAM 3.91 GB – 125 GB
    AU$17.93 / mo
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  • 10
    DialWebHosting review Incl. 89 user reviews
    • Space 240 GB – 2 TB
    • RAM 4 GB – 8 GB
    AU$117.84 / mo
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How Does Dedicated Hosting Actually Work?

By choosing a dedicated hosting plan you are renting an entire physical server, and this provides you with unparalleled customization as well as control over the server environment. You’ll also gain access to a higher level of server resources.

Through a dedicated server, you’ll even be able to customize your CPU, OS, as well as the RAM and storage you have.

How Is Shared Hosting Different From Dedicated Hosting?

With shared hosting, you’re renting a portion of a server. With dedicated hosting, you own and operate all of the parts on your own.

What Are the Benefits of Dedicated Hosting?

With dedicated hosting, you are getting better uptime, better hardware, a higher level of security, and customization and scalability.

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