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1&1 Reviews and Expert Opinion

A few words from 1&1

1&1 is one of the world’s leading Web hosting providers with nearly 17 million customer contracts. 1&1 currently offers a wide range of Web hosting products, including email solutions and high-end servers in 10 different countries including Germany, Spain, Great Britain and the United States. 1&1 introduced its distinctive approach to the US in September of 2003. Since the Janu...Read Moreary 2004 launch of its complete product line in the US, 1&1 has become one of the country’s top five Web hosts. In September 2008, 1&1 opened a 55,000 square foot data center in Lenexa, Kansas.Less
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Free domain
Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting AU$1.37 - AU$12.46
VPS AU$6.92 - AU$41.58
Dedicated Server AU$0.00 - AU$415.94
Cloud Hosting AU$13.85 - AU$492.20

Data Centers

Tim Burrell

Pinned Review

Tim Burrell,
I have been hosting with 1&1 for quite sometime and I am quite happy with their feedback and service. I was a bit skeptical at first based on some reviews but I am pleasantly surprised.


Umida Djalalova
Umida Djalalova from Germany,

Very bad service

Staff trained wrongly, they say lies, cheating on you constantly. I cannot get rid of this company now, they keep on attacking you with offers and don’t let go easy, putting additional charges, very annoying people, my nightmare!
Leona Kovac
Leona Kovac from Germany,

Really bad service

I signed up to get 1&1 wifi installed in my flat, the first thing I had to do was check the availability of their services at this address, for this I used their website, they approved of my location and allowed me to order the in...Read Moreternet. I then proceed to pay the router and temporary usb stick in order to have wifi until they complete the installation. These things arrived within two days. For the next month and a half I kept receiving generic emails apologizing for delays or emails asking where in the building exactly my flat was located. They have also at some point sent me an email saying they could not send me what they need for installation because I gave them a wrong address and things could not be delivered, even though I had received the router with no issues several weeks earlier. I received at least 5 same emails to which I all responded. When I said I do not want to receive this same email anymore, I received a letter with the same questions, with the addition of them telling me that the flat number I gave them does not exist and I made a mistake. I then contacted my landlord, just to check, and the number was correct. I told them this, they replied that their services are not available for my address even though the initial check said otherwise, said sorry and requested I send the router back. That is 2 months of paying for their prepaid usb stick and the router, not getting internet installed in my flat, for them to just absolutely nonchalantly say that they will not do it. I am absolutely disappointed and would not recommend dealing with them.
Funnily, after they suspended my contract, I still received generic emails ensuring me someone will come to install the internet within the next week.
MAHMOUD SALAMI from Germany,

Eigentlich ist diese Firma ein Betrug

Diese Firma ist nur für Betrug und Betrug, es gibt keinen kompetenten technischen Support, sie verstehen nichts, nur zum Zeitpunkt der Zahlung, sie verstehen, dass sie Ihre Arbeit jedes Mal einstellen. Wirklich dumm. Ich habe Geld mit ihnen ohne Zinsen verloren
mohamed Khalil
mohamed Khalil from United Arab Emirates,

I never trust this company anymore. They can take your money without your confirmation

ّI never trust this company anymore. They can take your money without your confirmation,
1st of all, They waste my time money and do nothing. This company does not have clarity in sending invoices, as I can see amounts are deduct...Read Moreed without my consent, and they also give promises to solve problems and technical problems are not solved. I have called them over the past four days, almost every day, for more than an hour, an international phone call, because of technical problem related to the internal system in this company but nothing resolved. I do not advise anyone to deal with this companyLess
I agree with you. ? Nev trus them!!! I never gonna do that mistake again.
m ler
m ler from United States,

they scammed me

they are terrible scam
att 1and1 if you wish to credit me for what you scammed me contact me at 8947978@gmail.com
please use my service https://www.intechost.in/
50% OFF first try my service after recommend someone
i hope you love my service
Andy Whyte
Andy Whyte from United Kingdom,

Totally useless - It is like they optimize to be unhelpful.

1&1 have this absurd support scenario where you have an individual support agent who is your dedicated support person. This means that if your agent is busy you have to rely on hope that someone else will see that your agent h...Read Moreasn't responded for a while and will intervene. Of course, they act like they have zero context and approach your issue like it's the first 1&1 have heard of it.

They also do this thing where the only available support option is to call them up on the telephone. Ocassionally you can do live support chat but only if your individual agent is available. Of course, the one time out of possibly 50 I have got through the agent didn't respond for 10 minutes so my attention went elsewhere and when she eventually did respond I wasn't paying attention so she closed the issue as solved (without solving it).

That is the running theme.. I have had the same issue for weeks and I just go around and around in circles trying to solve it with different people. The issue stems from where I was told I could upgrade from one account to another and they would handle the transfer. They didn't and then wanted to charge me to do the upgrade. Fortunately I had saved the chat log but even then they have still not resolved the issue and I remain paying for both services.

AVOID AVOID AVOID. They are totally useless.
please use my service https://www.intechost.in/
50% OFF first try my service after recommend someone
i hope you love my service

Expert Review

Idan Cohen
Idan Cohen
Hosting Expert


1&1 Web Hosting: Serious Features at Fair Prices

At first glance, 1&1 web hosting looks good:  you can get a decent set of features for as low as $0.99. All packages include unlimited bandwidth, extra-high security features, and an easy-to-use website builder. If you are planning to expand your project in the future, you'll be able to purchase 1&1's dedicated server that will ensure stable work and full control over your website. In addition, this company offers both Linux and Windows-powered hosting.

Why Choose 1&1 Web Hosting?

  • Low-cost solutions
  • Secure geo-redundancy
  • 24/7 phone and email support
  • 30 Day money-back guarantee

Want to know if 1&1 Web Hosting is right for you?

Let's check it out.

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Rated by Idan Cohen
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

Stable Uptime and Solid Security

At 1&1's website you won't find a word about their uptime, but some analytical tools show that their website has been online for 99.99% of time.

1&1 does a lot to ensure high reliability:  they use cutting-edge server hardware, make daily backups, and protect your directories with a password. The special appeal is the so-called dual hosting: your website will be hosted on two different locations simultaneously, which will grant you better performance in different areas and protect your websites in case of failure.


They Have Something Unique for You

1&1 doesn't show-off with tons of unlimited features; still, they don't just count the bandwidth and storage (in Unlimited and Business packages). Instead, they provide really excellent features: you get access to a great image stock, dual hosting, high-quality security options, and hosting management tools. Additionally, you'll be awarded with some social marketing credits for starting the promo campaign of your project at once.

Feature Description
Disk Space You get 50GB through the cheapest plan and an unlimited storage for 2 other packages.
Bandwidth 1&1 has no limits for monthly traffic — transfer as much as you need.
Website Builder You'll use the exclusive 1&1 website builder — it's very easy to use, but the number of features is modest.
Email Accounts 250 email accounts in the Starter plan, 500 accounts for Unlimited offer and no limits for the e-mail account numbers within Business package.
Shopping Carts You can use the special eCommerce-oriented eZShop app that also includes shopping carts.
Stats They don't indicate Statistics anywhere among their features so I guess they don't have it.
MySQL databases Ranging from 10 to unlimited in different packages with maximum volume of 1GB.
FTP Account 5, 50 and unlimited in Starter, Unlimited and Business plans, respectively.
Multiple Domains With 1&1 you can host as many domains as you need.


No Live Chat

The customer support service is the weak link. The problem is that 1&1 outsources support  and this doesn't really work well for them. Long response periods, lame experience with support agents, and unfair treatment are just a few of the complaints you will hear about 1&1 customer service.

However, they do have 24/7 email and phone support for customers around the globe.

  • 24/7 phone support
  • 24/7 email tickets
  • Forum
  • Extensive FAQ section
  • No blog
  • Long response time
  • No live chat


Good for The First Year

The prices at 1&1 vary depending on the offer. For instance, you can get the cheapest Shared hosting for only $0.99/month (up to 12 months) with a minimal purchase of a 3 month plan. Their regular prices are on the average level and, if you take their bulk packages into consideration, the fees may seem rather low. Still, the price they charge for dedicated servers is often very high, although you get stable work for your money.

The signup process is quite simple even though you will see several extrafee offers (like SEO or multi-domain registration). If you don’t really need them, you can easily skip over several signup stages. The Unlimited and Business packages in Shared section include a free domain. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

User Friendly

Easy-To-Use, but No Website Builder

1&1 follows the trends and has a user-friendly website. All the information you need is intuitively accessible and it will take just a few minutes to register a web resource or find out some extra details about the special features of the available packages.

This web host also will provide you with several important tools developed by their IT gurus. You will be able to use 1&1 Click & Build Applications, 1&1 Website Builder (with quite an easy text editor mode), 1&1 Dynamic Content Catalog, 1&1 Online Storage, and their special 1&1 Control with many features.

+ Lots of exclusive tools

+ Intuitive website navigation

+ Easy-to-use website builder


1&1 has steady uptime and decent packages. They also provide users with a good opportunity to expand projects and move to a dedicated server after some time. Still, their customer service is really poor.


  • Nice pricing
  • Unique hosting tools
  • Dual hosting system
  • Stunning dedicated servers
  • Steady 99,99% uptime


  • Poor website builder
  • Pricing is not always fair
  • Bad customer support

1&1 Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
UNLIMITED 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited AU$1.37 3.0 Details
UNLIMITED PLUS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited AU$6.92 3.5 Details
UNLIMITED PRO Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited AU$12.46 2.4 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Virtual Server S 30 GB 1 core 512 MB AU$6.92 4.0 Details
Virtual Server M 50 GB 1 core 1 GB AU$6.92 2.0 Details
Virtual Server L 80 GB 2 cores 2 GB AU$13.85 2.4 Details
Virtual Server XL 120 GB 2 cores 4 GB AU$27.72 2.6 Details
Virtual Server XXL 160 GB 4 cores 8 GB AU$41.58 3.2 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
A8i 1.95 TB 8 x 2.40GHz 8 GB AU$0.00 3.1 Details
L4i 1.95 TB 4 x 3.10GHz 12 GB AU$55.45 3.1 Details
XL6 1.95 TB 6 x 2.80GHz 16 GB AU$0.00 3.1 Details
X4i 1.95 TB 4 x 3.50GHz 16 GB AU$83.18 3.1 Details
XL8 2.93 TB 8 x 2.60GHz 16 GB AU$0.00 2.0 Details
o12A-32 3.91 TB 12 x 2.30GHz 32 GB AU$138.64 2.0 Details
o12A-64 7.81 TB 12 x 2.30GHz 64 GB AU$166.37 3.1 Details
XL12i 3.91 TB 6 x 2.50GHz 32 GB AU$207.96 3.1 Details
XXL24i 5.86 TB 12 x 2.40GHz 48 GB AU$0.00 3.1 Details
A8i SSD 480 GB 8 x 2.40GHz 8 GB AU$41.58 3.1 Details
X8i 5.86 TB 8 x 2.40GHz 64 GB AU$311.95 3.1 Details
X10i 7.81 TB 10 x 2.30GHz 128 GB AU$415.94 3.1 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Cloud Server M 50 GB 1 core 1 GB Unlimited AU$13.85 4.8 Details
Cloud Server L 80 GB 2 cores 2 GB Unlimited AU$27.72 2.0 Details
Cloud Server XL 120 GB 2 cores 4 GB Unlimited AU$41.58 3.1 Details
Cloud Server XXL 160 GB 4 cores 8 GB Unlimited AU$69.31 2.4 Details
Cloud Server 3XL 240 GB 8 cores 16 GB Unlimited AU$180.23 3.1 Details
Cloud Server 4XL 360 GB 12 cores 32 GB Unlimited AU$346.62 3.1 Details
Cloud Server 4XL 500 GB 16 cores 48 GB Unlimited AU$346.62 3.1 Details
Hosting M 50 GB 1 core 1 GB Unlimited AU$20.78 3.0 Details
Hosting L 80 GB 2 cores 2 GB Unlimited AU$34.65 2.2 Details
Hosting XL 120 GB 2 cores 4 GB Unlimited AU$48.51 3.6 Details
Hosting XXL 160 GB 4 cores 8 GB Unlimited AU$76.25 3.1 Details
Hosting 3XL 240 GB 8 cores 16 GB Unlimited AU$187.17 3.1 Details
Hosting 4XL 360 GB 12 cores 32 GB Unlimited AU$353.55 3.1 Details
Hosting 5XL 500 GB 16 cores 48 GB Unlimited AU$492.20 3.1 Details

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