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Shared Hosting AU$6.48 - AU$12.83
VPS AU$13.81 - AU$55.24

Data Centers

Peter Hansen

Pinned Review

Peter Hansen,
I have moved my site on awardspace.com from other hosting cause they invented such a good thing as a daily 1-hour downtime limitation for all free-hosted sites. Moreover, awardspace servers are really faster.


Muhammet Furkan
Muhammet Furkan from Turkey,

Advantages and Disadvantages

For basic plan:
+unlimited disk space
+unlimited bandwith
+2 domain
+5 subdomain
- 2 mysql space
+1000 email account space
- you cannot put your ssl certificate if you didn't pay for them for static ip(awardspace)
Simon Burbank
Simon Burbank from United Kingdom,

Awardspace not awarding as you think

Promotional offers to good to be true. Then the company cancelled my account and Chris Jean (awardspace support member) rather go a tirade instead of coming with a reasonable resolution. Failed to identify the second account I am ...Read Moreaccused of having with them, insisted that violated Awardspace terms, but failed to prove so. After 30 days of reading Mr. Jean's gibberish, he sends me this email. In case you fail to agree with our decision, and business making practice, you are free to turn to a legal representer, as we are not going to provide our services to clients trying to abuse our promotional prices in any case. Your emails, that only aim is to prove you are right(which you are obviously not) are not going to make us change our company policy. Legal representer? (perhaps this support centre is in Pakistan or India) as most English or German's would use the terms solicitor or lawyer to their English speaking clients. There was no decision made just gibberish again. No abuse was committed, just an excuse for awardspace to use their bait and switch price scheme I would avoid signing up with awardspace, just to save you the hassle unless you want to pay more than the price listed on their website, feel free to do so.Less
Dear Simon Burbank,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but our Terms of Service clearly states, that using more than 1 account on promotional price is not allowed. Our clients are also all required to read, understand a...Read Morend agree with Terms of Service, once upon signing up, and once upon completing a new order. Since our system has detected an account with matching details to yours, it was not allowed for you to use our promotional price hosting plan. We believe there is nothing wrong with following the rules, and we as a company and a service provider should not be held to account for reminding our clients to do so.

One more reason for us not to reconsider, is the fact, that after your order being cancelled on 01.08.2018, some of your account details were changed, in a way that they would not resemble the ones from your previous/first account, that is active even now.

We still wish you all the best in future endeavors!
Simon Burbank
Simon Burbank,
To the Anonymous Agent from Awardspace,

Failure to disclose the name of the agent who wrote previous retaliated reply, only proves that Awardspace is not a professional company. A German web hosting company based out of Kiel, b...Read Moreut only maintains Outer London telephone number starts to raise the legitimacy question of Awardspace? Where's the local German telephone number based out of Kiel for your German clients to call? FYI apologise is spelled with a s not a zed in the wording, which in fact this company has no remorse for any of the inconvenience it causes for all it's new and past clients. The terms of service clearly does not state anywhere in the document that using more than one account on promotional pricing is prohibited. Even if your clients are required to read, understand and agree with terms of service, once upon signing up, and once upon completing a new order, there still is no mention of the promotional clause anywhere on the terms and services document. As a being web hosting and a service provider, your company should be held to accountable for being transparent on promotional pricing from the main website of awardspace, not in a obscure place. Your promotion clause is actually placed in a obscure place or in another document (also known as invoicing and provisioning). The promotional clause as mentioned by the nameless awardspace employee, must be fully disclosed with in the paid term and conditions agreement, which every new customer must click and be agreed upon before any payment can be made to awardspace. Please be aware that is not a appropriate place to mention about cancelling a customer account as retaliation against a past present or future customer, especially in a web hosting review forum such as Host Advice. A company and/or service provider that can not be held to accountable for having transparency clauses in their terms and services. something is wrong with this on a grand scale. Besides your retaliated reply should be given one more reason for those reading this, not to consider awardspace as a internet host provider!!

Best Regards
Simon Burbank
Who actually signed their unlike the name person @ awardspace
richard nekey
richard nekey from Morocco,

awardspace are thiefs

today i upgrade my account from free to basic and they stole my money :( They cheat customer with low price package then when you buy it they don't give you anything
Hello, Richard!

It is important to check your email in the hours upon placing your order, as your order was most probably rejected due to security reasons. We have an internal security verification process, that your account ha...Read Mores probably failed. Our system has automatically informed you of it via email, and your payment was refunded.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but this is our way of making sure of ours, and our client's safety.

Dino Wilson
Dino Wilson from United Kingdom,

Even the free package is not working the way it should

Got one of their own sub Domain so i wont have to pay for anything as i was reading peoples reviews about how they have problems with paid accounts. So one of those three free domains works not the other two and i was preparing a ...Read Morepresentation for my university work (web development) when i was presenting the server decided to fail and i could never go back on my website. (ever again) i don't know what happen but i call that unreliableLess
Hello, Dino!

We believe it is really important to read about Free Web Hosting's restrictions and limitations, upon using it. Free Web Hosting allows you to host up to 1 domain name. In your case, an upgrade to a paid hosting plan would have solved the issue.

Enjoy your day!
Poonam Patel
Moved from DreamHost

Unethical, cheater, money hungry and totally fake hosting provider awardspace

They cheat customer with low price package then when you buy it they don't give you anything. They do not allow to install SSL until you don't buy very high priced additional IP. This additional IP is also a shared IP not dedicate...Read Mored IP. So, in short, they want to cheat as if the customer already has shared IP then why again pay for one for shared IP. Regarding DNS they do not follow any ICANN rules. They have set their own rules so award space actually should be closed down immediately to break rules of ICANN. Do not buy any services form them.Less
Hello, Poonam Patel!

We apologize for the unpleasant experience, that you have had with our service.
We can assure you, that we indeed follow all rules, that we need to in order to provide our services, and our millions of cli...Read Moreents both paid and free around the world are a serious proof of it.

The reason our SSL Certificates need an additional IP address, that you might in some cases see as a shared IP address, is that our system is configured in a really complicated, but well working manner, that requires such an IP to be purchased, in order for an SSL Certificate to be applied on your host-name.
Kevin Davidson
Kevin Davidson from United States,

Very impressed with my initial encounter

I had a simple requirement to have a place to post status information for my main site, when it was down for some reason. It didn't make sense to pay for a separate hosting account just for this, so I did a web search for "free ho...Read Moresting" and ended up on AwardSpace.

I was immediately impressed by the functionality and and ease of use for their dashboard. Everything was right there in one place, clearly labeled and attractively presented. I've been on probably 10 hosting companies in my lifetime, and this one is clearly the easiest to use. The UI seemed to anticipate my questions, like what FTP host to use until my domain propagated.

I thought I knew how to set up a subdomain for a domain hosted elsewhere, but just to make sure I opened a support ticket. A very few minutes later I looked at the support ticket list and was surprised to see my ticket closed. The answer, complete and correct, had come already! I was stunned.

It took maybe 20 minutes to find AwardSpace, create an account, host a domain, create a subdomain, create an ftp account, get a support ticket handled, upload my web site and be up and running. (DNS propagation never takes as long as they say.)

I'm not used to things working this well and this quickly.

I gave 5 stars in every category. The only caveat is my "reliability" score because it's based on a very short time.
Christopher Vans
Christopher Vans from Bulgaria,

Great offers for shared hosting

I have had some issues with my site and the guys from awardspace offered me to transfer my site with them. I bought the cheapest plan (by their advice) and now not only I pay less for the hosting but I have better site speed.
Tha...Read Morenks to the guys from the support that helped me to complete the transfer. It wouldn't be possible without their help.Less

Expert Review

Craig Timmins
Craig Timmins
Hosting Expert


The Affordable Shared Hosting Provider

AwardSpace is a flexible hosting solution that caters for a range of businesses from the one-man-bands right through to your mid-range types. The ability to scale up to higher tiered plans is available, so if you feel like you are outgrowing your plan, or growing your business then the plans are flexible. In terms of prices at AwardSpace, they tend to range from €2.79 up to €5.49 for the shared hosting packages and up to €24.99 for advanced semi dedicated hosting.

Why Choose AwardSpace Hosting?

  • Cheap Hosting Plans
  • Freebies including a Site Builder
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Want to know if AwardSpace Hosting is right for you?

Let's check it out.

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Rated by Craig Timmins
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing


Reliable and Solid Server Setup

Network uptime of 99.95% runs across all the plans that AwardSpace have to offer, and they also provide SPAM and Virus protection across all plans, even the cheap basic plan under the shared hosting package.

AwardSpace have one of the fastest network connection, with 50GB network connectivity speeds. A firewall, RAID Backup, UPS power backup and a diesel generator make for a solid and secure data centre.


Lots of Good Features Even on Basic Plans

AwardSpace pack out each hosting plan with a range of different features, from website management tools right through to scripting and databases. Typically you can expect unlimited storage and transfer on all plan types whilst the premium package offers that additional tempter by providing unlimited databases, database storage, domains, email account and FTP accounts.

SSL certificates are also available to purchase as part of their extended services, and you will also find a selection of great freebies from a web builder to a free domain name.


Some Good Support Options but Missing a Lot

Customer care is good at AwardSpace, they offer a number of ways for you to get in contact with them and provide a range of support options for customers. You have 24/7 customer service, and live chat available. There is also an integrated tickets system and online documentation to help you find answers to questions.

I say the service is good because its not excellent, you won’t find a direct email or phone number, no community forum and live chat is only for sales talk, not tech talk.

  • 24/7 support
  • Live chat for sales
  • Knowledge Base
  • Ticket System
  • Live chat only for sales
  • No support team location mentioned
  • No Email
  • No Telephone Number


Pay For Your Hosting Through PayPal

There is a free shared hosting plan available at AwardSpace but it is limited and restricted on many features. Generally the shared hosting options come in at a competitive level that sits alongside the majority of other hosting plans.

The cheapest plan available is €2.79 which offers you a basic level of hosting , with a mid-tiered plan coming in at €4.29 and a Max Pack Plus plan coming in at €5.49. The top tier plan offers plenty of unlimited options.

The VPS packages come in 3 plans and range from as low as €29.99 per year up to the advanced VPS solution which can cost up to €599.88 per year.

You can also pay for hosting via PayPal.


Plenty of User-Friendly Tools, and an Easy to Use Site

Every plan offers a CMS, eCommerce solution and plenty of analytics and stats packs to keep an eye on your website performance.

The AwardSpace site itself is well thought out and offers a pleasant experience for the user as you can access every plan within one click from the homepage. You can quickly see the features, tools and prices that are offered with no confusion or issues.

The biggest disappointment is there is no CPanel, you will get a customised control panel which will take a bit of figuring out.


Lots of Good Points, Only Let Down is Support

Overall AwardSpace offer a reliable and cheap hosting solution for small businesses needing a shared hosting solution to a big company needing a managed VPS hosting platform. With extra freebies and plenty of unlimited options you get a taste of what AwardSpace can offer. There is room for improvement and that certainly comes in the support area which they seem to have put at the bottom of their priority list.

A 30-day money back guarantee and 99.9% uptime guarantee are two very tempting stats that could get some people knocking on the door.


  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Competitively Priced Plans
  • 99.9% Server and Network Uptime
  • Scaleable Plans


  • No CPanel
  • Live chat not for tech
  • Lack of email and telephone contact
  • No support forum

AwardSpace Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Basic Unlimited Unlimited 2 AU$6.48 7.7 Details
Web Pro Plus Unlimited Unlimited 10 AU$8.55 5.2 Details
Max Pack Plus Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited AU$12.83 8.3 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Starter VPS 25 GB 1 core 1 GB AU$13.81 7.9 Details
Pro VPS 50 GB 2 cores 2 GB AU$27.62 7.9 Details
Advanced VPS 100 GB 4 cores 4 GB AU$55.24 7.9 Details

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