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MySQL is undoubtedly one of the most important languages and tools on the web today, connecting websites to their databases and making operations possible. Even so, not every server is built to house MySQL and the databases it operates. If you’re looking to build infrastructure for your website and organization, web hosting that’s optimized to work with MySQL can help you.

There’s also no need to break your bank account, as even cheap MySQL hosting lets you start building infrastructure that can scale with you when you’re ready. Read more about the best MySQL hosting services in our expert review, and see what others are saying about our listed services in our user reviews.

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AU$2.89 / MO
Money Back: Anytime
"Great service"– Verona Business English Services
"Answered on a HOLIDAY WEEKEND!"– Tammy V
"Issue on serverside"– manjunath bm

Expert Overview : Craig Timmins Craig Timmins: MySQL is the most popular database in the world for websites and apps, so having a hosting company that supports it well is critical. A2 Hosting not only has MySQL support available on every hosting package, but their service and support teams also know how to troubleshoot problems, so customers can be confident of an exceptional service. Read More

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AU$4.31 / MO
Money Back: 45 Days
"Quality Service & Unbeatable Support"– Elkareh Bachir
"Awesome support"– Azhar Muhammed
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Expert Overview : Ilya Hazanov Ilya Hazanov: Just about all modern web pages and applications use databases, and MySQL is the most popular option around, which is why having hosting support for this option is essential. FastComet has full MySQL support on every hosting package at each of their seven datacenters throughout the world. Their tech support team is also fully trained to provide help with virtually any type of database issue you may run into. Read More

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AU$1.45 / MO
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"A nice hosting"– Bautista Alonso
"One of the best providers"– Richard Carpenter
"Great Costumer Service"– Ahmet Satlykov

Expert Overview : Michael Lavnduski Michael Lavnduski: Hostinger is fully optimised to run everything you could ever want from MySQL. It will be so simple you will forget about it. However, if you will need some complex solutions in action, their customer success team will always be there to assist you in a matter of seconds. Read More

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AU$7.30 / MO
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Expert Overview :
Eliran Ouzan Eliran Ouzan: MySQL is the most popular database type for blogs, eCommerce, and many other websites. InterServer understands this and works hard to ensure all their servers are optimized perfectly to efficiently run this type of database. In addition, they have skilled tech support professionals who are very familiar with MySQL and can help you troubleshoot any issues you run into. Read More

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AU$0.00 / MO
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Money Back: 30 Days

Expert Overview :
Ilya Hazanov Ilya Hazanov: The top cloud hosting services offer unmanaged services that require technical expertise and a steep learning curve to set up and manage.
Cloudways provides a layer of management and support, making it easy to run your MySQL databases. Hosting your databases on CloudWays managed MySQL hosting will ensure your databases will run at optimum speeds providing an excellent experience for your users.
When you sign up for Cloudways, you can choose to provision infrastructure from Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services (AWS), VULTR, Google Cloud Platform, or Linode, paying as you go, scaling as needed.
Known for responsive, expert technical support, Cloudways is perfect for building, deploying, scaling, and managing your databases powered by MySQL. Read More

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AU$5.07 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days

Expert Overview :
Michael Lavnduski Michael Lavnduski: MySQL has the most comprehensive set of advanced features, management tools, and technical support, making MySQL optimization crucial to your site. KnownHost’s platforms are fully advanced giving you absolute access to manage your MySQL databases and if you run into a problem, their advanced technical team is there to help 24/7. Read More

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AU$4.31 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Ilya Hazanov Ilya Hazanov: All of the HostPapa servers are optimized for MySQL databases right from the time you sign up. This makes it fast and easy to get your site or app up and running quickly. You will also have access to the HostPapa tech support teams, who are trained on how to use MySQL so they can help you resolve any potential issues you may run into. Read More

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AU$29.19 / MO
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Free domain

Expert Overview :
Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko: Liquid Web is known for being a fast and powerful web hosting company that can handle just about any type of site imaginable. Their world-class support begins with standard technologies such as MySQL databases, and continues to anything else you might need. You can install a wide range of frameworks and programs, or have their tech support teams handle the installation and management on your behalf. Read More

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AU$5.78 / MO
Money Back: 30 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Marin Dujic Marin Dujic: GreenGeeks hosting is a managed hosting company that can run and service MySQL databases for any site or app. While best known for their commitment to using green energy, GreenGeeks also offers world-class hosting for thousands of websites, apps, and other online services. You can choose from shared and VPS options, both of which are powerful, yet affordable. Read More

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AU$4.31 / MO
Money Back: 60 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Max Ostryzhko Max Ostryzhko: TMDHosting has a lot to offer to anyone who is looking to run a website, app, or other functionality online. They support all standard technologies, including MySQL, and they can add on just about any other database type, framework, or other option that you need quickly and easily. With a very strong reputation for quality, this is a great option for anyone to consider. Read More

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AU$5.83 / MO
Money Back: 90 Days
Free domain

Expert Overview :
Yuriy Gandyak Yuriy Gandyak: InMotion Hosting is the #1 hosting company in terms of transfers, meaning they help thousands of new customers bring their websites to their servers every year. One of the most important parts of a website transfer is being able to successful migrate the MySQL database, since that is where the data is kept. InMotion Hosting are experts with MySQL and are always there to help. Read More

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MySQL Hosting in 2019 – The Contenders for the Best Service Around

MySQL has become the go-to relational database management system (RDBMS), and with good reason. As a free, open source, and intuitive RDBMS, MySQL is included in most hosting plans and powers many of the world’s dynamic web applications.

Even though MySQL has become ubiquitous, MySQL hosting offers businesses and individuals that use MySQL easy access to their data and the ability to easily make changes to the database.

If you know you’re going to be frequently modifying or interacting with your MySQL database, here’s what you’ll need from your hosting solution:

  • Does it measure up in terms of speed and reliability?
  • Is MySQL pre-installed on its servers?
  • Does it include 1-click script installation?
  • How rigorous are its security precautions?

Despite the other factors that will shape your MySQL hosting experience, these initial checkpoints should help you paint a clearer picture of which MySQL hosts are worth your time and money.

For more on what to expect, read this expert MySQL hosting review then take a look at what our users are saying.

What is MySQL?

Dynamic web applications are made possible thanks to database management systems, which use structured query language (SQL) to receive and send information from the database.

Relational database management systems like MySQL store data in tables made up of rows and columns. Since its launch in the mid-nineties, MySQL has skyrocketed to become one of if not the most popular RDBMSes, used by widespread CMS platforms such as WordPress.

Though the fact that it’s free and open-source accounts for some of its widespread use, it’s also an especially secure and customizable RDBMS.

Why do You Need MySQL Hosting?

To start with, MySQL hosts have MySQL preinstalled on their servers.

Beyond this basic requirement, MySQL hosting solutions offer no-downtime server updates and above 99.9% uptime guarantees, so that your MySQL – and your entire website – is always online.

Though MySQL is considered one of the safer RDBMSes, MySQL hosts make every effort to protect your server and the precious data it contains with firewalls, backups, DDoS protection, server monitoring and other safety precautions.

The type of MySQL hosting plan you need – shared, cloud, VPS, or dedicated – has less to do with MySQL and more to do with how much traffic you’re expecting. For websites with larger numbers of visitors, cheaper shared plans aren’t really a feasible option.

MySQL does have an upper limit on the amount of data it can hold per database, but many MySQL hosts give you access to unlimited MySQL databases so that your data demands are met.

What are the Benefits of MySQL Hosting?

  • You can scale with ease. If your web traffic grows, your MySQL databases – and the goldmine of data they contain – will grow with it. MySQL hosts offer more disk space and RAM to begin with to accommodate your database needs. However, they also prioritize seamless upgrades so that you have access to more memory as your business and databases expand.
  • Your server has been configured for MySQL. Nowadays, most Linux plans and many Windows plans preinstall MySQL and offer MySQL support. Still, MySQL hosts use the most recent version of MySQL, and use DDoS protection and firewalls to keep your and your users’ data safe.
  • You have 1-click installations of MySQL applications. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert to make the most of the front- and back-end data amassed in your MySQL databases. Web applications like phpMyAdmin run the SQL for you, while you interact with your database through an intuitive graphic interface. MySQL hosts offer 1-click installation of web applications like phpMyAdmin so that you can delve right into the data.

What Factors to Consider for MySQL Hosting

  • What other programming languages does it support? While it’s true that PHP and MySQL are often used together, you may not have opted to build your website with PHP. If you’re using a less common scripting language to construct your website, you need to make sure the server is equipped to support that language.
  • Does it test well for speed and reliability? Your MySQL database won’t do you much good if your servers are down frequently or if your host can’t get its act together in terms of page load times. There are certain attributes that indicate whether a MySQL hosting solution takes its page load speeds and reliability seriously, such as the use of SSD drives, CDN, multiple data centers, no-downtime server updates and redundant servers. Nevertheless, MySQL hosts that offer a free trial period let you examine these factors yourself.
  • How helpful is its tech support? MySQL facilitates the creation and loading of dynamic web apps while also housing business-critical customer information. In cases in which an unauthorized user wreaks havoc on your data or if your MySQL database is somehow malfunctioning, you want instant access to MySQL expert tech support. MySQL hosts that offer 24/7/365 human support through multiple channels and a rich MySQL knowledge base section have the upper edge.
  • Can you choose your storage engine? This is admittedly only relevant to specific developers. However, if you think you may have need for a MySQL storage engine other than the default InnoDB at some point in the future, make a point of asking the MySQL hosts you’re looking into whether alternative storage engines are available.

Choose the Best MySQL Web Hosting

MySQL is the reigning monarch of RDBMSes, and the top MySQL hosting solutions let you take full advantage of your MySQL databases. To find a MySQL host that empowers you to make the most of your data, read our user reviews and find a terrific MySQL host today!

Summary of 2019’s Best MySQL Hosting:

Rank Web Host Monthly Price Range Expert Overview User Ratings
1 A2 Hosting AU$2.89 - AU$424.14 "I would recommend A2 to anyone"
2 FastComet AU$4.31 - AU$509.57 "These guys are amazing! They give you great help when you need it. Excellent & professionals, fast hosting & reliable"
3 Hostinger AU$1.45 - AU$43.73 "First-rate service from a first-rate company"
4 InterServer AU$7.30 - AU$496.43 "Decided on InterServer for migration with no regrets! Couldn't be happier."
5 Cloudways AU$0.00 - AU$127.03 "Cloudways is an Excellent Hosting Provider for WordPress and other PHP applications!"
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