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Our Best Indian VPS Hosting Providers of 2023

Our experts tested performance, speed, uptime, and more to help find the best Indian VPS hosting provider that will satisfy all your needs! Check out our top picks now!


Top 6 VPS in India Providers

Disk Type
Disk Space: More than 200GB
Control Panel
Data Centers: India
Payment Type
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  • 1
    ZNetLive review Incl. 68 user reviews
    AU$17.29 / mo
    Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
    zla.2GB 30 GB 1 x 2.20GHz 2 GB AU$17.29
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    Micro Unlimited 1 x 2.20GHz 512 MB AU$23.04
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    Medium 60 GB 2 x 4.40GHz 4 GB AU$70.56
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  • 2
    SHost - Sinhcoms LLP review Incl. 36 user reviews
    AU$12.71 / mo
    Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
    V1 - SSD Unlimited 2 x 4.00GHz 2 GB AU$12.71
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  • 3
    Mex SEO review Incl. 0 user reviews
    AU$0.43 / mo
    Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
    bsic Unlimited 3 x 4.80GHz 4 GB AU$0.43
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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I upgrade from Shared hosting to a VPS?

Shared hosting allows you to share the resources from a server with multiple users. Each user has its partition within the same environment. The major pitfall is that if a website on your server draws too many resources, it can affect your website performance.rnrnA virtual server eliminates this drawback by offering an isolated server section for your needs. You have your server within the server, use whatever software you choose, and control the resources available in your hosting plan. As such, you are protected from the errors of other users sharing the same server with you.

What Is a Managed VPS, an alternative to VPS?

Managed VPS is a type of VPS hosting. The biggest drawback of virtual private server hosting is managing your server environment by yourself. VPS hosting providers offer managed VPS hosting as a solution to this problem.rnrnThis solution ensures your entire server environment is appropriately managed and supervised by experts and top-tier security and server management protocols. Some web hosts offer managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, Managed VPS hosting costs more than its counterpart, but it is worth the extra price.

Will a VPS improve my SEO?

The right VPS hosting plan may provide some SEO benefits. Firstly, VPS generally provides better site speed and page load times than shared hosting, and we know that speed is a significant factor in search engine rankings. Secondly, if your VPS package comes with a dedicated IP address, you will be closed from less reputable sites with whom you share server hardware. This can also provide search engine optimization benefits.

Should I start with Shared hosting or go straight to a VPS?

Shared hosting might be the ideal place to start if your website does not require many resources. However, if you want control over your resources and your software or if you are running a crucial business website and require root access, then VPS is the better option. It offers fast loading times and fewer downtimes than shared hosting. Many web hosts allow you to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting seamlessly.

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