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If you are looking for a convenient, anonymous and high-quality hosting service, then alexhost.com is the best offer on the market today. Get your own data center and unlimited possibilities right now at a low price. We provide a full range of hosting services that will help you in creating sites of the highest quality. Working with us is simple and convenient - we guarantee complete anonymity.
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Alex Smith

Pinned Review

Alex Smith,
To be honest, I have been quite surprised with the quality of service. Most will supply good service at the start and son you have to pry them to do their jobs. AlexHost is quite the opposite. Not onl...Read Morey do they respond quickly and professionally to any of my requests, but they also do continuous maintenance to my account and come up with ways to keep it efficient.
I feel lucky I found them.
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Ibraim Ganiev
Ibraim Ganiev from Ukraine,

Garbage VPS, kind of scam

VPS where you cannot install any VPN simply because any ports with UDP traffic are aggressively blocked. Support claims "It is our DDOS protection, we cannot turn it off" and asks you to wait indefinitely for their answer, and in ...Read Morea week the support ticket is closed automatically as if there was never such problem.
Nothing on their website states anything about UDP problems and such aggressive blocks, so it is kind of scamming. You cannot know about it before you waste your money.
There is no other VPS provider with such DDOS protection and service.
Absolute garbage. Of course they don't do refunds.
Maximilian Hetzner
Maximilian Hetzner from Netherlands,

DIe guten Zeiten sind wohl vorbei!

Ich bin ehrlich.

Ich habe Alexhost.com gerne genutzt. Aber in letzter Zeit ist es einfach nur noch scheiße.

Ich zahle monatlich bei Alexhost.com ca um die 400€ - 500 da ich freiberufler bin kaufe ich jeden 2. tag 2 -3 Serve...Read Morer.

Ich bekomme aber nur noch Probleme mit dem Hoster.

Man kriegt manchmal garkein Server Zugang mehr , ACCESS DENIED. Obwohl man das Passwort direkt aus dem ALEXHOST.COM PANEL kopiert und einfügt.
Und wenn es dann wieder funktioniert muss man feststellen das aufeinmal irgendwelche Module nicht mehr exitisieren oder ein andere Webserver installiert wurde.?

Ich glaube nicht das dass der Geist Casper war. Der Support ist einfach so beschissen geworden.

Nun funktionieren die Login daten nicht. Man kann sich nicht mal in Alexhost.com einloggen obwohl man da laufende Projekte / Server hat und meine Kunden sind sauer alle!

Die Antwort vom Support: Man soll Cache leeren, komisch das alle Kunden von verschiedene PCs das gleiche Problem haben und im Forum auch darrüber diskutiert wird. ES liegt 100% Nicht an der Cache also löst endlich das scheiß problem.

Der Support will mir schuld geben obwohl ich das Passwort zurücksetze und COPY PASTE mache steht Passwort incorrect.

Unglaublich wieivel Zeit ich nun verloren habe, und meine Kunden sind alle sauer ich hab mir heute ein neuen Hoster gesucht.

Statt das Problem zu lösen ist der Support einfach inkompotent und glauben Sie mir ich bin echt ein Kunde der nie den Support nötig hat. Aber bei Alexhost muss man ständig Support kontaktieren. Mal geht der Login nicht, mal gehen die Server nicht. Mal ist das Down.

Ich muss aber ehrlich sagen das die mal besser waren und ich eig ganz zufrieden war aber aktuell no way
Hallo Maximilian Hetzner

Wir entschuldigen uns aufrichtig für die entstandenen Unannehmlichkeiten und die daraus resultierenden Auswirkungen. Wir hatten einige Probleme, ja, das müssen wir zugeben.

Aber wir versuchen immer, ...Read Morees zu lösen. Diesen Monat gab es ein Problem mit dem Abrechnungssystem, das wir nicht kennen, aber wir versuchen, es so schnell wie möglich zu lösen.

Leider können wir es nicht immer so schnell lösen. Und wir müssen ideale Lösungen finden, um es zu lösen.

Was das Passwort betrifft, empfehlen wir Ihnen, Ihr Passwort zu ändern, auch wenn es offiziell ist, empfehlen wir Ihnen, das Passwort immer in Ihr eigenes und anderes Passwort zu ändern. Denken Sie daran, dass die Sicherheit Ihres Computers ebenfalls wichtig ist. Wir empfehlen außerdem, Ihren Computer zu scannen, da möglicherweise Malware darauf installiert ist.

Dies ist keine Entschuldigung, aber Ihre Sicherheit ist auch wichtig. Auf diese Weise möchten wir die Situation lösen. Könnten Sie uns kontaktieren, indem Sie ein Support-Ticket eröffnen? Bitte geben Sie den Link zu diesem Feedback von hostadvice an. Damit wir wissen, wer Sie sind, und den Vorgang beschleunigen können.

Kontaktieren Sie uns, wir wollen das Problem lösen und eine Lösung finden. Wir empfehlen auch, eine gute Police bei sich zu haben.

In Bezug auf Server empfehlen wir immer, das Passwort zu ändern, eine gute Sicherheitsrichtlinie (Firewall) einzuhalten, SSH-Ports zu ändern und vieles mehr.

Bitte öffnen Sie ein Support-Ticket und posten Sie den Link zu Ihrem Kommentar hier, damit wir wissen, wer Sie sind, und wir diese Angelegenheit so gut wie möglich lösen können.

Alexhost entschuldigt sich für die entstandenen Unannehmlichkeiten. Wir wollen Kunden glücklich machen.

Wir freuen uns von Ihnen zu hören.

Vielen Dank,
Ilker Caylak
Ilker Caylak from Turkey,

Their servers are very slow and constantly shutting down, You can't get a refund either

Their servers are very slow. 1gbps bandwidth is a lie!
It made me feel like I was using slow dial-up internet from 2004!
When you want to upload your website's 10 gb wordpress files from Filezilla program to the server, you wait...Read More exactly 9 hours!
And on top of that, the upload is interrupted because the server is constantly crashing!

I bought servers from a lot of server providers before, they were all very good, but I am having such a problem with this company.
1 core processor servers from other major server providers outperform this alexhost's 16 core processor servers. I'm telling from my experience!

They did not fix the problem even though I opened a support ticket many times. I suffered a great loss as the server was constantly crashing and therefore my website could not be reached!

Even though their website says refund up to 30 days, they do not refund your money in any way. When you open a support ticket, they only reply, "Please wait, we have forwarded your request to the appropriate department." Since March 29, they have not responded to my support tickets other than the above answer.

The date I wrote this article is April 19, 21 days have passed since March 29, they have been doing nothing for 21 days!

If you are going to buy a server from here, think 20 times and consider that you cannot get a refund!
Hi Ilker Caylak

I think you were the person who commented on the forum right? If yes, then it has been resolved and we have demonstrated how we have good speeds. However, I have a brief explanation.

Our 1Gbps network as such...Read More indicates is shared "shared" the term shared means that it is shared by customers. In other words, the 1Gbps port is shared (divided) by the clients. This means that the speed may have oscillations, variations. When something is shared it means that you can have 100Mbps, 400Mbps or 900Mbps or 200Mbps or whatever speed, because 1Gbps is shared.

As explained, there is the possibility of having 1Gbps dedicated, in which it is paid. This is due to the development of our country as well. We can show that it is possible to have optimal speeds with us.

Contact us by opening a support ticket. And send the link your comment (feedback) from hostadvice and we'll show you what we did.

We apologize for this situation.
We wait.

Best Regards,
Carlos Duarte Pinhal Diogo
Carlos Duarte Pinhal Diogo from Portugal,

Poor quality hosting service

Poor quality hosting service. I bought the cheapest service(10 EUROS/year) to test the company's quality. I encountered the following problems:

- Site is constantly offline(BAD REQUEST 502 ERROR);
- Files are automatically cre...Read Moreated, no reason for that and I suspect may be a virus.
- Bad server configuration. I don't know if this bad configuration is for purpose.
- Support does absolutely nothing when you open tickets complaining about the situation;
- Unwillingness to enable puglin in CPanel of SSL Free, Let's Encrypt

For these reasons it is not a reliable company.
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Hello Dear Carlos Duarte Pinhal Diogo.

First of all, we apologize for these situations.

The problems that you report are related ...Read Moreto the accommodation, you are using an accommodation for €10 per year that is practically €0.83 per month.

This type of hosting is only good for starter sites, sites that don't have a lot of visits or use a lot of plugins or heavy themes. Since it is 10€ per year, resources such as RAM and CPU are limited.

We suggest using another hosting package such as litespeed or a virtual private server (vps)

Error 502 is an indication of a server failure, meaning that resources may be exhausted. Your website may be using too many resources. And in that case the problem is the customer's, not ours. Because as we said it is shared, and even having a website without visits, if you are abusing plugins or heavy themes it is enough to increase your CPU (Processor) and RAM usage.

I would advise switching to a VPS as it is much more powerful. But of course it requires knowledge, in which you can hire a server administrator. Or use our shared litespeed, however you must use the ideal package for you. For this you need to know how many daily visits you have, the weight of the website and the database and monthly traffic.

Because all this will impact shared hosting.
As for SSL, we have that available. But you can also use cloudflare SSL if you want.

We look forward to hearing from you. We want to make sure we have good assistance.

fan ny
fan ny from Malaysia,

Good service so far

Yes, I have buy vps, the guys very helpful help me settle everything.
they dont have livechat service, but customer support is very well,
they reply all of my problem on time
i really appreciate them!
Hello, Dear Fan ny

You have livechat available, probably is your browser extensions blocking it.
We recommend open a ticket support is the best way.

Thank you for your wonderful words. We are together!
Regan Luke

Promptly and efficiently

I posted my blog on WordPress, moved it from the previous hosting to AlexHost and now I am satisfied for two months. There were problems with the previous hosting due to which the site did not develop as it should. On the first da...Read Morey I received all the answers from the support service, which made me very happy. The site lives on the Internet perfectly and I am already seeing the first successes. Thanks to Alex Host. I highly recommend this hosting. Thanks.Less
abhinandan mohanty
abhinandan mohanty from India,
Moved from Hetzner Online

not much satisfied

This provider providing at affordable price, some pros and cons,
1st they providing livechat only for sales not for support, for every support you have to open ticket and they take too much time to reply,
2nd they have to worst...Read More refund policy, they direct decline your refund request.
also when i click on request cancellation it show me "this option is disable by staff member"

but price is good.
in features they done have much features like reboot, firewall, change root password, they may improve themselfe. but i am really disappointed about service.
Hello, Dear abhinandan mohanty

Refund policy is available only for certain time, we can't refund if that time as exceded.

We are sorry to hear that.

We love you, and we like you to be with us in that journey.

Thank you
abhinandan mohanty
abhinandan mohanty,
I see your refund policy it's within 6 hour after delever. And you take upto 24hour to delever.
Just think one thing i purchase a service at morning and you delever me at night when we are going to sleep. We woke up 6hour...Read More must be completed. And after we check your server quality we can't ask for refund. And also your didn't get full refund and very worst service. And livechat is only for sales not for support.Less
Hello, Dear Abhinandan e

Livechat is online, and always we try to help you. But the best way is to use our ticket system because is where our technicals are online and certainly fix your issues more faster.

Our refund poli...Read Morecy have limits of time, to ask for that, you should read it before order anything. We do refund based on our policies.

If you have any more question or trouble, we advice to contact our support trought our ticket system.

Hope you give to us another opportunity, we love you as our customer. We really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you

Alexhost Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Hosting SSD-1 1 GB Unlimited cPanel 5 AU$1.35 4.9 Details
Hosting SSD-2 5 GB Unlimited cPanel 20 AU$4.06 4.7 Details
Hosting SSD-3 10 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited AU$9.46 4.8 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
KVM VPS - 1 10 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 1.5 GB AU$6.49 4.3 Details
KVM VPS - 2 40 GB 2 x 2.40GHz 4 GB AU$16.23 4.7 Details
KVM VPS - 3 80 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 8 GB AU$25.96 4.5 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
PROMO Dual Core DDR3 Unlimited 2 x 3.30GHz 4 GB AU$42.83 4.5 Details
PROMO Core i5 DDR3 Unlimited 4 x 3.20GHz 4 GB AU$63.28 4.3 Details
Intel XEON E5-2620 Unlimited 6 x 2.00GHz 4 GB AU$89.24 4.3 Details
Intel Core i9 DDR4 10th gen Unlimited 10 x 5.30GHz 8 GB AU$308.28 4.9 Details
Intel Core i7 DDR3 Unlimited 4 x 3.40GHz 4 GB AU$102.22 4.3 Details

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