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Blueangel.host Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

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VPS AU$13.41 - AU$89.49
Dedicated Server AU$73.09 - AU$177.51

Data Centers

Blueangel.host Awards

Carol S. Martin

Pinned Review

Carol S. Martin,
Offshore hosting is a distinct niche, and you will soon discover how difficult it is to locate a good offshore hosting business. For years, I bounced from one hosting provider to the next... until I d...Read Moreiscovered BlueAngelHost. Their dedicated server plans are reasonable, and if you value anonymity, they offer bitcoin payments as well:) Support is excellent, as I usually get same-day responses. BlueAngelHost's staff is kind and professional!Less
Carol S. Martin
Carol S. Martin from United States,

Best offshore hosting Company !!!

Offshore hosting is a distinct niche, and you will soon discover how difficult it is to locate a good offshore hosting business. For years, I bounced from one hosting provider to the next... until I discovered BlueAngelHost. Their...Read More dedicated server plans are reasonable, and if you value anonymity, they offer bitcoin payments as well:) Support is excellent, as I usually get same-day responses. BlueAngelHost's staff is kind and professional!Less
Barracuda Monsiour
Barracuda Monsiour from Belgium,

great service on everything

ordered a big managed vps server, was delivered in 24 hours, support was really nice. after that i asked for a refund because the client didnt want the website ready anymore. they sent a refund without asking any questions. all te...Read Morerms and conditions were respected.
everything went smooth, and would be back again when needed. fully recommend them.
Louise Mitchell
Louise Mitchell from United States,

One of the Best VPS Service provider !!!

I've been using Blueangel for about a year now, and even with a little A server, the performance is rock solid. I haven't seen any downtime or even a drop in performance. They really offer the finest rates, service, and quality, w...Read Moreith no hidden costs. This would have seemed too fantastic to be true until I began using Blueangel... But it is; give it a go! I cannot suggest them highly enough.Less
Brenda Parker
Brenda Parker from Netherlands,

Beste VPS-provider !!!

Ik heb de zee van VPS-providers doorzocht en kan je beloven dat er geen service is zoals deze bedrijven aanbieden. Ze hebben zelfs al mijn vragen beantwoord, ondanks het feit dat ik geen klant was.
Matilda Atkinson
Matilda Atkinson from United States,

Great Customer care Support !!!

Great support, very knowledgeable, courteous, and ready to help. I come from Godaddy and the cost was getting silly. The support I received in Blueangel was very high and very helpful I didn't miss its competitor. And the prices a...Read Morere much better plus scalable to your needs. Big shoutout to Blueangel support team, especially SamLess
Meta Star
Meta Star from Nigeria,

A fraud Hosting Company

I implore anyone with the idea of hosting with blueangelhost.com should just find any other hosting to host their website

Okay I also checked reviews here and saw they had good reviews not knowing those are fake reviews, I saw ...Read Morethose really bad reviews and was like maybe this guys did something wrong untill I made deposit of over 300$ and my hosting was terminated without any reason or warning

They said I overused my resources for a website still under development like who TF does that.

Okay I asked to withdraw my remaining credit balance since they've terminated my hosting then they'll keep closing the ticket without reply. It was then I saw they indeed are fraudsters.

Please and please I do not wish anyone to have this kind of experience with them that's why I took my time to write all these here and please DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THOSE GOOD REVIEWS you're seeing.
Gulistanskiy Kulikova
Gulistanskiy Kulikova from Russia,

Лучший хостинг

Это первая компания, которая сделала управляемый VPS доступным и простым в использовании. Их панель удобна в использовании, и мне нравится, как они у меня работают. Они быстрые и знающие.
Daria Nesselrode
Daria Nesselrode from Germany,

Toller Hosting-Service!!

Ich habe eine E-Commerce-Website, die auf Kunden aus Asien abzielt. Mir wurde empfohlen, diesen Host von einem Kollegen auszuprobieren, und ich finde, dass sie Server in Singapur betreiben. Es ist jetzt fast ein Jahr her, bis jetz...Read Moret funktioniert meine Website schnell und ich erhalte selten Beschwerden von meinen Website-Besuchern. Ich habe ungefähr 10,00 $/Monat für ihren Cloud-Hosting-Service bezahlt und bisher denke ich, dass der Preis angemessen ist. Bei all den Vorteilen und Vorteilen, die ich erhalte, habe ich nichts zu beanstanden.Less

Expert Review

Delight Johnson
Delight Johnson
Hosting Expert

As a hosting review expert and website owner who has reviewed hundreds of providers, it’s not every day you see a host who specializes particularly in offshore hosting and DDoS protection. That’s exactly what Blueangelhost offers and if you need the benefits of going offshore, you’ll find everything you need to know about the host here.

So whether you are looking for more privacy, want to avoid local regulations, or want to go anonymous, in the rest of this piece, I’ll share my thoughts on the host’s plans, pricing, support, performance, and other important metrics so you can decide if they’re right for you.


Blueangelhost Review

Blueangelhost is a web hosting provider that specializes in providing DDoS protection and offshore hosting services to businesses of all sizes. They offer dedicated servers, SSD and HDD VPS hosting, and offshore managed VPS plans to people who want to enjoy more privacy.

The company was founded in 2012, however much of the company’s profile is shrouded in mystery (makes sense for an offshore host I guess) and they don’t even have a company page.

Since they are not a U.S company, Blueangelhost doesn’t have a BBB rating. However, out of 19 reviews on Trustpilot, they are rated 2.6/5.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers offshore hosting services
  • Privacy-heavy features
  • They are quite affordable
  • They offer versatile crypto payment methods
  • Decent support
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Easily scalable resources


  • Short money-back trial period
  • They don’t offer versatile hosting plans
Pros and ConsHeavy DDoS protection and a host that allows you to go under the radar – what’s not to love about Blueangelhost? Looking to host your website offshore? Signup with Blueangelhost today!


Visit Blueangel.host


Rating Breakdown

There are thousands of hosting providers on the market… each with a suite of different offerings and plans… and features they’d try to sell you as the best you can get. So how do you reliably compare the different hosting providers and decide the best features for your needs?

Our experts at HostAdvice developed a detailed rating methodology that outlines different factors to consider and specific scores to give each host, based on how they perform under the said criteria.

ParameterScoreWhy we gave this score
PRICES8.5Blueangelhost different pricing tiers depending on the kinds of servers you choose with their HDD VPS being the cheapest and their dedicated servers the most pricey. However, I’d give them an 8.5 because they are reasonably priced and start at $8.99/month.
FEATURES9.0Unmetered bandwidth, heavy DDoS protection, hybrid HDD and SSD, pre-configured and customizable server options, and SSH access make Blueangelhost feature-packed. I’d give them a 9.0 because their hosting categories are not the most versatile.
PERFORMANCE 7.5A 600 ms response time, 99.9% uptime guarantee, SSD servers and storage make the host a decent performer. However, I’d give them a 7.5 as there are faster hosts on the market.
USER FRIENDLINESS9.0A modern cPanel, straight to the point UI, Softaculous auto installs make the host very user friendly. However, I’d give them a 9.0 because some hosts offer custom control panels that are easier to use than cPanel.
SUPPORT8.5Live chat, ticketing, vast knowledgebase and a blog. However, I’d give them an 8.5 because Blueangelhost does not offer video guides.


Blueangelhost Prices & Plans

Blueangelhost has an incredibly straight-to-the-point UI that showcases its pricing plans and packages. They specialize in offering offshore services that give users extra benefits like privacy and also offer different tiers per package.

They offer dedicated servers located in Bulgaria, specialized dedicated servers for IPTV and video streaming businesses, SSD VPS hosting, HDD VPS hosting, and managed VPS hosting plans.

While a little low, Blueangelhost offers a 7-day money back guarantee within which you can request for a full refund if you are not satisfied (T&Cs apply). When you are ready to commit to Blueangelhost, you can pay via crypto in BTC, ETH, Litecoin, Tether and many others including PerfectMoney.

Offshore Dedicated Servers

Pre-configured dedicated servers

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice (per month)
ST-1220v31x 2TB


UnmeteredModern cPanelUnlimited$49
ST-1585Lv52x 256GB


UnmeteredModern cPanelUnlimited$69
ST-15851N1x 1TB


UnmeteredModern cPanelUnlimited$99
ST-26201x 2TB


UnmeteredModern cPanelUnlimited$99
ST-26601x 2TB


UnmeteredModern cPanelUnlimited$119

I recommend Blueangelhost’s third ST-15851N plan as it gives you 1 TB storage as well as unmetered bandwidth and unlimited websites to host.

Blueangelhost’s pre-configured offshore servers are tuned beforehand allowing you to buy these packages and have all you need out of the box.

Tip: Blueangelhost’s offshore dedicated servers are best for large enterprises and businesses with a lot of traffic who need dedicated resources and privacy.

Customizable dedicated servers

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice (per month)
H-1240v64x disk drivesUnmeteredModern cPanelUnlimited$119
H-24204x disk drivesUnmeteredModern cPanelUnlimited$139
H-2440v24x disk drivesUnmeteredModern cPanelUnlimited$169
H-2650v24x disk drivesUnmeteredModern cPanelUnlimited$219
H-2660v24x disk drivesUnmeteredModern cPanelUnlimited$229
H-2680v44x disk drivesUnmeteredModern cPanelUnlimited$329

On all Blueangelhost’s customizable servers, you can access servers that are fully tweakable allowing you to decide the resources you get and use. Want more control and don’t want to go for rigid plans that may have you paying for resources you won’t use? Then these plans are best for you.

Tip: Blueangelhost also offers both its pre-configured and customizable dedicated servers specialized for IPTV and video streaming businesses.

Offshore SSD VPS Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice (per month)
SSD-v120 GB1 TBModern cPanelUnlimited$9.99
SSD-v230 GB2 TBModern cPanelUnlimited$23.99
SSD-v360 GB4 TBModern cPanelUnlimited$44.99
SSD-v4120 GB6 TBModern cPanelUnlimited$59.99

Blueangelhost’s SSD-v3 VPS plan is especially great and offers you 60 GB of SSD storage, 4 TB of bandwidth and the ability to host unlimited websites. Want to enjoy the high performance of NVMe SSD storage? These plans are just for you.

Tip: Blueangelhost’s SSD VPS plans are great for businesses that need scalable resources and premium high-speed performance, without too much storage.

HDD Offshore VPS Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice (per month)
KVM-v120 GB1 TBModern cPanelUnlimited$8.99
KVM-v240 GB2.5 TBModern cPanelUnlimited$17.99
KVM-v4100 GB4 TBModern cPanelUnlimited$36.99
KVM-v6120 GB8 TBModern cPanelUnlimited$45.99

With Blueangelhost’s KVM-v4 VPS plan, you can enjoy up to 100 GB HDD storage, 4TB bandwidth and also host unlimited websites for $36.99/month. Don’t mind using good-ol HDD storage? These plans are just for you.

Tip: Blueangelhost’s HDD VPS plans are designed for businesses that are more focused on storage and less on performance. Have a large website and do your visitors spend quite some time on your pages naturally? (e.g an eLearning website)… then these plans are for you.

Managed VPS Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice (per month)
Managed-v160 GB2 TBModern cPanelUnlimited$25
Managed-v280 GB4 TBModern cPanelUnlimited$35
Managed-v3120 GB6 TBModern cPanelUnlimited$50

With Blueangelhost’s Managed-v2 VPS plan, you can have 80 GB storage, 4 TB bandwidth and host unlimited websites. You also get to control your hosting backend using a modern version of cPanel.

Tip: Don’t want to concern yourself with the technical side of your hosting plan? These managed VPS plans are just for you. Even though slightly pricier, the host manages everything for you so you can focus on growing your business.



  • Free DDoS protection
  • Full root SSH access
  • SSD/HDD hybrid storage
  • Virtualizor VPS Control Panel
  • Choice of OS
  • Accepts crypto payments

Among all of Blueangelhost’s great features, what makes it stand out especially is that the host supports payments via crypto to go hand-in-hand with its privacy offering. Most other hosts (and companies in general) are still skeptical about crypto and only offer conventional card and Paypal payments.

The level of privacy you get with Blueangelhost can be rivaled by only a very few other hosts. You can even create an account with the platform completely anonymous!

Final: Blueangelhost review



The next factor you should consider when evaluating a hosting provider is its performance over these three metrics – response time, uptime, overall performance. Here’s why:

The response time (Time to first byte) is how quickly the host’s servers respond to any search made to the website. The lower the response time is, the better.

The uptime is how consistently the host’s servers are online… the higher the uptime, the less downtime the servers and your website will experience.

I tested a domain hosted on Blueangelhost using GTMetrix and these were the results:

The website had a rather poor TTFB of 600 ms and an overall performance of 79%:

Final: Blueangelhost review

Kindly take note that the uptime is not the same thing as the overall performance. Like most other hosting providers, Blueangelhost promises a 99.9% uptime (the industry’s standard today).


Level Of Support

Blueangelhost offers support through the following portals:

Live chat

Most other hosts offer 24/7 support through their portals but that isn’t the case for Blueangelhost. I tried accessing the live chat portal in the evening and was told that agents weren’t available:

Final: Blueangelhost review

Instead, I was asked to fill a mini support ticket and describe my inquiry which was then sent as an email to them.


Just like any host should, Blueangelhost offers an extensive knowledgebase with a built-in search engine to help you find answers to whatever queries you may have. They also grouped the topics with a sidebar filter:

Final: Blueangelhost review

To be honest, the design of their knowledgebase is not the best I have seen but it is still a good to have and will help figure out stuff if you are a DIY learner like me.

Support ticket

To get personal help, you can open a support ticket on Blueangelhost:

Final: Blueangelhost review

You’ll be asked to fill in your name, email address, the subject of your inquiry, the department you want to contact, how urgent your issue is, and then a detailed description of what you want to find out.


Blueangelhost also has a well stacked blog on topics concerning hosting and success in online business:

Final: Blueangelhost review

To get the information you are looking for, you can use the search engine to sift through the blog archives.

Personally, I was looking for more support features like video guides, socials, a community, and 24/7 support. However, Blueangelhost is still a small company so we can cut them some slack.


User-Friendliness – Ease of use


Registering and creating an account on Blueangelhost is super easy. On the homepage, click on ‘Client Area’. You’ll be redirected to the login page. Next, click on the ‘Account’ drop down, and click ‘Register’.

You’ll be then be directed to the registration where you’d asked to fill in your details:

Final: Blueangelhost review

Click ‘Register’ and your account is ready.

Blueangelhost Control Panel

Blueangelhost offers a modern cPanel for free allowing you to manage your hosting backend conveniently:

Final: Blueangelhost review

For hosting newbies, however, the UI of cPanel may look a bit intimidating. A few hosts today are already offering cPanel alternatives and custom control panels especially designed for beginners.

Installing WordPress on Blueangelhost

The most convenient way to install WordPress on Blueangelhost is via cPanel using Softaculous. Unfortunately, unlike most other hosts that offer WordPress acceleration features, Blueangelhost doesn’t.

Blueangelhost offers automatic Softaculous installation on most of its plans.

Login to cPanel and go to ‘Software’. Click on the ‘Softaculous’ icon and then navigate to ‘WordPress’. Click on the logo and then click ‘Install’. You’d be asked to fill in your details. Do that and voila! You have WordPress installed.

Add an email account on Blueangelhost

To add an email account on Blueangelhost, the easiest way is to also use cPanel.

Log into your cPanel account and click on ‘Email’. Next, click on ‘Email Accounts’.
Final: Blueangelhost reviewNext fill in the email address you want to use, and then choose the domain name you want to tie it to.

Fill in the password you want to use or use the password generator to suggest a strong password for you.

Next, you can customize the data quota tied to the email, or better still, just leave it on the default settings and then click ‘Create Account’.

Final: Blueangelhost review

Your email account is now active and can be accessed via the ‘Account & Domain’ section.

Final: Blueangelhost review


Conclusion: Do We Recommend Blueangelhost?

Blueangelhost gives users levels of privacy and anonymity that most other hosts don’t. Their offshore servers give a home to websites who need to operate outside the jurisdiction of their locales.

Their features are quite decent and well priced. You get access to different VPS hosting tiers, plus dedicated servers if you need more power.

So do we recommend Blueangelhost? Yes, we do. If you need privacy or run a business that deals with content that may not be legal in your region, then the host is just for you.

However, if you are just looking for a regular hosting provider that offers most hosting kinds to host your website, then it’s better you go for an alternative.


How much does Blueangelhost cost?

Blueangelhost starts at $8.99/month for its HDD VPS plans and those go up to $49/month. Blueangelhost also offers performance optimized VPS plans giving you access to SSD storage.

Which Blueangelhost plan should I get?

The best Blueangelhost depends on your needs. If you need a lot of storage and are on a budget, then the host’s HDD VPS plans are best for you. If you need scalable high performance with less focus on storage, then the SSD VPS plans are better suited to you. And if you need total control over your resources and are heavy on security, Blueangelhost’s dedicated servers are just what you need.

Where are the Blueangelhost data centers?

All of Blueangelhost’s data centers are located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Blueangel.host Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
KVM-v1 20 GB 1 x 2.40GHz 1 GB AU$13.41 2.7 Details
KVM-v2 40 GB 2 x 2.40GHz 2 GB AU$26.84 3.7 Details
KVM-v4 100 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 4 GB AU$55.18 3.7 Details
KVM-v6 120 GB 4 x 2.40GHz 6 GB AU$68.60 4.8 Details
SSD-v1 20 GB 1 x 3.30GHz 1 GB AU$14.90 3.7 Details
SSD-v2 30 GB 2 x 3.30GHz 2 GB AU$35.79 4.4 Details
SSD-v3 60 GB 4 x 3.30GHz 4 GB AU$67.11 3.7 Details
SSD-v4 120 GB 8 x 3.30GHz 8 GB AU$89.49 5.0 Details

Dedicated Server Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
ST-E3-1220v3 2 TB 4 x 3.50GHz 8 GB AU$73.09 4.8 Details
ST-E3-1585Lv5 512 GB 4 x 3.70GHz 32 GB AU$102.93 3.7 Details
ST-2xE5-2620 2 TB 12 x 2.50GHz 32 GB AU$147.68 4.8 Details
ST-2xE5-2660 2 TB 16 x 3.00GHz 32 GB AU$177.51 4.8 Details

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