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InfinityFree Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

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Ian Rochat

Pinned Review

Ian Rochat,
The reviewer likes to use exaggerated statements and it CLEARLY not an expert by saying something as stupid as (and this is a direct quote from the review): "a basic SSL certificate without encryption...Read More". There is no such thing. SSL is never not encrypted, encryption is what it is. Now maybe he meant it's a self-generated SSL certificate that is not through a certificate authority, while that is not ideal it is still encrypted, even a someone that is barely tech-saavy may know that fact. So to claim to be an expert and stating that is alarming.

The whole review is suspect, I would not take this site's rating to be meaningful what-so-ever.


Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

Last Updated | May 2022

InfinityFree expert review cover image

Starting as a passion project in 2011, InfinityFree managed to incorporate its hosting services worldwide. The company was officially formed in 2016, and ever since then, they have been offering quality hosting services for free. It might sound too good to be accurate, but it is true! InfinityFree hosting is a web hosting provider that provides free hosting services with unlimited disk space and bandwidth for as long as you want. It’s the ideal solution for people who are just starting a business!

The unique thing about this hosting provider is that it is sustainable, although it offers iFastNet services. To make things clear, without paying a single cent, you can get pretty incredible features that other hosting providers charge, such as industry-standard cPanel and Softaculour installer.

Is InfinityFree The Right Host For You?

I must admit that this was my first encounter with InfinityFree. I haven’t tried their service before, but they got my attention thanks to their free plans. Since I love free things, I was excited to dive in and discover everything this provider offers to create the ultimate InfinityFree review.

My expectation was high, but at the same time, I didn’t expect top-notch service because everything was free. I heard many negative comments, and user reviews were not very great, but still, I wanted to see what the hosting provider has for you and me, of course.

Join me in my InfinityFree adventure to discover the free hosting services and see if this hosting provider is the best choice for you!


Here Is How We Review:

  1. As you probably already know, before doing an expert review, we choose a hosting service and purchase a plan. We usually purchase the most affordable plan, but this InfinityFree brand review will slightly differ. Since InfinityFree is free,  we can explore the hosting services without using a credit card.
  2. Once we sign up for a free plan, we explore every feature offered by the hosting provider. Our team of professionals will be assigned to test the speed and performance.
  3. We analyze both the pros and cons of the hosting provider. Is it worth starting a business with them, is it worth it spending your precious time, whether this free hosting service can get your business up and running, and whether they have fast and helpful customer support?
  4. After seeing everything that this provider offers, we create and publish the ultimate InfinityFree review and update it throughout the years.
  5. We always consider customer reviews, and customers’ opinions are essential when giving the provider’s final score.


Pros and Cons


  • Free plan
  • cPanel compatibility
  • Unlimited storage
  • Ad-free
  • Free subdomain
  • Softaculous one-click installer
  • Unlimited storage space


  • Average speed, uptime, and loading time
  • Limited customer support (no live chat, phone, email, or ticketing support available)
  • No email accounts
  • Suitable for small sites only (limited server power)


InfinityFree logoIf you want to experience the website world with a hosting provider that offers their services for free, check out InfinityFree! It’s a great chance to start your blog or personal website without spending a dime.

Visit InfinityFree


ParameterScoreWhy did we give this score?
User Friendly4Creating an account with InfinityFree is easy, instant, and requires only a few fields. The hosting provider has a Linux-based cPanel that supports Softaculous. Although it offers WordPress one-click installation, transferring a domain is not simple and requires few tech skills.
Support1.5InfinityFree doesn’t have live chat, email, phone, or ticketing support. Their only type of support is their Knowledge base, which doesn’t contain many articles. They get a 1.5 score for the support because there is no way to get tech support.
Features3.7The free plan has a cPanel, that is Linux-based. InfinityFree gets a 3.7 score because they have only one data center, a basic SSL certificate without encryption, no email accounts, manual backups, and doesn’t include tools for building a website. The plan also has a poor feature set.
Reliability3Although they guarantee an uptime of 99.9%, InfinityFree has frequent outages, and the uptime is pretty bad and far from 99.9%. They get a 3 score because they’re below the average, but they’re still OK for website hobbyists.
Pricing10InfinityFree gets a 10 for pricing because they offer a free hosting plan. You’ll be able to host your website without paying a cent.
Overall Score4.5After reviewing many user reviews and doing this InfinityFree brand review, we concluded that this hosting provider is not a great option. It’s OK to use it for a personal website, but it’s not reliable for supporting a business website.


InfinityFree Prices & Plans – 2022

InfinityFree collaborates with iFastNet, a powerful provider with low-cost web hosting services. InfinityFree has three available hosting plans: InfinityFree, Super Premium, and Ultimate Premium.

The InifinityFree plan costs $0 per month. This is the free plan we discussed earlier, the plan that we will test. You can get 5GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosted domains, 1 FTP account, 50.000 daily hits, and limited server power with the free plan. This plan doesn’t offer email accounts. Although it offers excellent features for a plan that doesn’t cause a cent, it’s primarily recommended for people who want to create hobby websites, not those who are earnestly trying to get into this business.


InfinityFree (Brand Review)


Super Premium is not a free plan, and it will cost you $3.99/month. You can get unlimited disk space, 250 GB bandwidth, 20 hosted domains, 100 email accounts, 100 FTP accounts, unlimited daily hits, and more server power for that price.

Ultimate Premium comes with a price tag of $6.90/month. This plan also has unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, email accounts, FTP accounts, unlimited daily hits, and the most server power.

Super Premium and Ultimate Premium plans offer a cPanel control panel, free SSL certificates, free Cloudflare Railgun, full DNS management, full PHP mail support, webmail, IMAP, POP, and SMTP access.

For developer features, you can find all PHP versions from 4.4 until 8.0, Remote MySQL Acess, MySQL 5.7 with InnoDB engine, Perl support, Python support, and Ruby on Rails support.


Features & Benefits

I was pretty intrigued to find out what features and benefits I could get for a plan that comes without a price tag. Let’s see what InfinityFree has to offer.

1. Useful Tools

InfinityFree operates on Linux operating system and users Apache webserver. You’ll get a cPanel that contains all the essential tools, such as MySQL database control, phpMyAdmin, options for PHP, DNS, cron jobs, error pages, and online FTP manages, backups, and more.

The InfinityFree free plans also contain Softaculous, enabling you to install more than 400 valuable apps with just one click.

Warning: InfinityFree’s cPanel doesn’t contain all the tools a regular cPanel contains. Don’t expect too many advanced tools since this plan is free.

2. Global Presence

InfinityFree’s servers are located in the Reliance House data center in the United Kingdom. The hosting company doesn’t have servers in other locations. Even though they have only one server, InfinityFree has helped more than 400.000 people worldwide to host their websites.

3. Security

The hosting provider has a free SSL certificate that will enable your site to work on HTTPS. Unfortunately, the free plan doesn’t support encrypted SSL certificates, so you must purchase one of the premium plans if you want the SSL certificate’s security.

4. Backups

InfinityFree only offers manual backup, which is common among free hosting providers. The free hosting plan doesn’t create or store backups, so you need to regularly create backups and store them somewhere safe. We recommend downloading your website files using a desktop FTP client to ensure that your website files are stored correctly. Through phpMyAdmin, you can download database backups.

Warning: Don’t use backup plugins with the free plan because those plugins run on complex PHP code, which is not supported by the free plan. The plugins also generate a high server load when restoring a backup, which often causes many problems for your website.

5. Email

InfinityFree’s free plan doesn’t offer email accounts. If you need and want them, you must purchase the Super Premium plan, which offers 100 email accounts, or the Ultimate Premium plan with unlimited email accounts.

6. Building a Website

InfinityFree doesn’t have its website builder, but there are three ways you can build your website: you can use a drag and drop website builder, use a CMS such as WordPress or code your website with HTML or PHP.
While there are many popular drag and drop website builders that you can install on your computer to build your site, InfinityFree also offers a free trial version of the site.pro.

If you decide to go with a WordPress website, you can easily access Softaculous through your cPanel and download WordPress with a simple click (You also can see here the best WordPress hosting)

* Found out more about the best website builders we recommend

7. Website Migration

Moving your website to InfinityFree can be very simple if your website doesn’t use MySQL databases. The downside is that you have to do everything manually so the process can take a while.



After reading countless customer reviews, I concluded that users mainly value the performance and reliability of a hosting provider. This also applies to free hosting providers; it doesn’t matter if you’re free; you won’t attract users if you don’t offer excellent performance and reliability.

Speed – Average Speed With No Cost At All

Since the service is free, I didn’t expect much when it comes to speed. Nevertheless, we tested InfinityFree speed, and the truth is that the hosting provider pleasantly surprised us. Our test revealed that loading content using InfinityFree takes more than 2 seconds. This is not a top-notch speed, but getting average or slightly above average speed for free is still great. As mentioned above, this hosting provider is recommended for people who want a website for a hobby, so this speed is pretty great for hobbyists whose income doesn’t depend on the website’s speed.

Uptime – Average (99.9% Guaranteed, But Tests Show 97.7%)

InfinityFree hosting prides on providing 99.9% uptime, but the reality is different. InfinityFree often falls short, as witnessed by many user reviews. The inconsistent uptime is not surprising because it’s a free service, so it overcrowds the servers to minimize the cost. If you’re a website hobbyist, and your business doesn’t depend on speed and uptime, it’s OK. On the other hand, if you’re seriously considering being in this business, don’t use InfinityFree, because the uptime is below average. It isn’t good.

Loading Time – More Than 5 Seconds To Load

The loading time of InfinityFree is also average and sometimes even below the average. Loading a simple text-based website takes more than 5 seconds, which is horrible. Visitors don’t like waiting more than 2-3 seconds for your website to load. This loading time will only make them leave and never come back


Level of Support

When I do expert reviews, I pay extra attention to the hosting company’s level of support. Many users, too, really value when they get reliable support from a team of experts who can solve your issue in seconds. Although I had high hopes for InfinityFree customer support while doing my InfinityFree review, I was devastated when I opened their website, only to find that they don’t offer live chat support, email, and phone support. Unfortunately, this hosting company doesn’t offer the most popular customer support methods, meaning you’ll never be able to get in touch with someone from their tech support. The reality is that their tech support is non-existent.

The only type of support they offer is their Knowledge Base.


InfinityFree (Brand Review)


Most InfinityFree reviews don’t mention what kind of information the knowledge base has, but we’re going to. Their Knowledge base is divided into sections: Websites and PHP, Account Management, Domains, DNS, HTTPS and SSL, File Management and FTP, Fair Usage Limits, MySQL Databases, and Getting Started, Emails and WordPress. Their knowledge base is not as rich as many hosting providers’ knowledge bases, but you can try finding the answer to your question there. I liked their Knowledge base because it has a Search button, so I didn’t have to scroll to look for an answer.

The bottom line is that when it comes to customer support, InfinityFree is the worst. They don’t offer any support that will allow you to contact someone from the company; they don’t have email or ticketing support. So, if you have an issue with your site, InfinityFree can’t be contacted for help, so you’ll be left on your own to try and fix it. You can use the knowledge base, but that’s about it.

Even though it’s a free service, I expected at least a live chat support, but my expectations fell down the drain.


User Friendly

While doing this InfinityFree review, I focused on discovering whether this hosting provider is user-friendly. Users also like it when their hosting provider is simple to use, can easily navigate everything, and even people with no background in this business can use it.

1. Creating an Account with InfinityFree

Creating an account with InfinityFree is easy, simple, and will take minutes. If you decide to go with the free plan, you need to click on Register, and you’ll be good to go. The Premium plans have a few extra steps, but everything is well explained, so it will be easy for you to navigate and successfully create an account.

2. Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is also an easy process, thanks to the Softaculous installer. Once you log in to your control panel, you’ll find Softaculous, and with just one click on WordPress, it will be installed in minutes.


InfinityFree (Brand Review)


3. Connecting A Domain

Although InfinityFree doesn’t allow you to register a domain with them, it allows you to connect your already existing domain with your InfinityFree account. Most InfinityFree reviews don’t contain much information on connecting a domain, but I’ll do my best to try and explain it to you.

There are two ways to connect a domain: add your domain to a new account or connect a domain to an existing account. You first need to configure your domain’s nameservers, no matter which option you choose. After you add your domain, you won’t see your website right away because the DNS changes can take up to 72 hours. There is no other option that will connect your domain faster.


Step by Step Walkthrough – InfinityFree Hosting

To create the best InfinityFree review, I will do a step-by-step walkthrough and discover everything this hosting offers. I’m going to Register for the free plan, where I’ll be given 5GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosted domains, 1 FTP account, and 50,000 daily hits.


InfinityFree (Brand Review)


To get the free plan, click on Register. Then you have to sign up for a free account by filling in your email address and password. Once you’re done with that, you need to click on I’ve read and agree to the terms of service and confirm you’re not a robot.


InfinityFree (Brand Review)


Once you click on create a new account, you must verify your email address. InfinityFree will send you a verification link to your email.

You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding


A few seconds later, you’ll be able to login into your InfinityFree hosting account. As you can see, registering for a free InfinityFree account is super easy, and it will take you only a couple of minutes. Since this account is free, it doesn’t require giving out personal information such as name, surname, addresses, phone number, country, or credit card information.

Note: If you want a premium plan, the signing-up process will not be the same. You have to type in your credit card information and make a payment because both Premium plans come with a price tag.


Using and Managing Your Website on InfinityFree

A few clicks later, my InfinityFree account was created. As you can see from the image I attached below, InfinityFree has a pretty basic look, but that’s OK since I don’t have to pay for anything.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding


You have Home, Profile, Account, Free SSL Certificate, Site Builder, Domain Checker, Knowledge Base, and Community Forum in the main menu.

When you click on Home, you can see your accounts. I don’t have an account yet, so let’s click on Create Account to make it.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding


I typed in a random domain name and entered additional information, including account label, account username, and password.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding


Confirm you’re not a robot and create an account. Once we create an account, we can access the control panel.

InfinityFree cPanel

InfinityFree offers a user-friendly cPanel, that is Linux-based. This cPanel doesn’t contain all the regular tools that the other hosting providers offer but includes the essentials.


In this section, you have Update Contact Email, Get Started, Account Settings, and Account Upgrade. The buttons located here are the preferred features you most use, and they’ll enable you to get quick access.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding



Here you have Online File Manager, Directory Privacy, FTP Accounts, Free FTP Software, and Backups. Through this button, you can manage your files, use your FTP client to upload and download data to your hosting and enable your computer to connect to InfinityFree services to manage your files.

You can set a password to protect specific account directories and get an essential guide on how to make a backup of your website data.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding



You can access phpMyAdmin, MySQL Databases, Remote MySQL, and PostgresSQL Databases.

  • phpMyAdmin

This software tool will help you handle the administration of MySQL.

  • MySQL Databases

This feature will allow you to store lots of information in an easy-to-access manner. To use this feature, you first need to create the MySQL database for your account.

  • Remote MySQL

This feature will allow you to connect to MySQL databases from another server or a computer on your hosting server. Unfortunately, the free plan doesn’t support MySQL connections, so you need to upgrade to a Premium plan to use this feature.

  • PostgreSQL Databases

PostgreSQL is an enterprise management system that contains dozens of excellent features such as table inheritance, foreign key referential integrity, nested transactions, and many more.

Note: PostgreSQL is also unavailable with the free plan, so you will have to spend some money and get a Premium plan to get these extra features.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding



You have Addon Domains, Sub Domains, Aliases (Parked Domains), and Redirects in this section. Here you can add the domains you have registered with a domain registrar, create subdomains, point additional domains to your existing hosting account, and add or remove redirects.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding



This section can find Email Accounts, Forwarders, MX Entries, SPF Records, and Webmail. This section will enable you to create an email address for your addon domain, create email forwarders for your addon, add or remove MX records, set custom SPF records, and access webmail.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding



Get an inside of your daily hits, daily CPU, daily RAM, Daily I/O, and entry process failures through these sections. To see all the information, you have to click on Account Statistics.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding



In this section, you have IP Blocker and SSL/TLS.

  • IP Blocker

The IP blocker will enable you to add or remove IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses that have been denied access.


This feature will show you sites that have SSL enabled on them. Also, it can help you configure a signed certificate for your website.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding



Here you have Softaculous Apps Installer, Alter PHP Config, and Select PHP Versions.

  • Softaculous App installer

This great installer will enable you to install WordPress, Joomla, AbanteCart, and many more apps with a few clicks.

  • Alter PHP Config

Through this button, you can alter the PHP directives for your site.

  • Select PHP Versions

This feature will enable you to choose the PHP version used to run your site.

Note: All the InfinityFree accounts default to PHP version 7.4.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding



  • Cron Jobs
  • CNAME Records
  • Error Pages


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding



You have Domain Types, Tutorials, and a Support Forum when it comes to supporting.


You have to open your email and verify your email address before proceeding


Do We Recommend InfinityFree?

It’s time to wrap up this InfinityFree brand review and help you make a decision. InfinityFree hosting is a free service with a decent cPanel, Softaculous, and pretty basic features. Speed and loading time is average, and the guaranteed uptime is not so guaranteed. I have to say that it’s a pretty OK hosting provider for a free service. I would recommend it to people who want a free host for a personal blog or someone who wants to have a website as a hobby.

If you’re thinking of adding graphics and verification mails, this is not the hosting provider for you because your website will most likely crash. InfinityFree has limited resources, so it’s not designed to support big websites. If you’re seriously planning to succeed in this business, InfinityFree is not the right choice. The Premium plans offer better features and can support small businesses, but they’re not free.

All in all, why not try it? It’s a free option to see how the hosting services work, but don’t get your hopes too high.

InfinityFree Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
InfinityFree 5 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited AU$0.00 2.3 Details
Super Premium Unlimited 256 GB cPanel 20 AU$0.00 2.6 Details
Ultimate Premium Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited AU$0.00 2.6 Details
Review Language
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Anonymous HQ
Anonymous HQ from United States,

pathetic & repugnant

they claim to offer php and mySQL hosting for free until you sign up and find out that the database hosting free has ridiculous limits on it...

even the paid svces, the limits are sad and silly...

python scripts = not all...Read Moreowed
medis server sites = not allowed
only the sites that they tell you that you can build & their support team??

they speak to their clients like they believe that they're better than who they serve.

infinity free is nothing short of a pathetic joke & you should steer away from these internet trolls for your own good

or you can learn the hard way. choose wisely or don't..
Ian Rochat
Ian Rochat from United States,

A review of the "expert" review

The reviewer likes to use exaggerated statements and it CLEARLY not an expert by saying something as stupid as (and this is a direct quote from the review): "a basic SSL certificate without encryption". There is no such thing. S...Read MoreSL is never not encrypted, encryption is what it is. Now maybe he meant it's a self-generated SSL certificate that is not through a certificate authority, while that is not ideal it is still encrypted, even a someone that is barely tech-saavy may know that fact. So to claim to be an expert and stating that is alarming.

The whole review is suspect, I would not take this site's rating to be meaningful what-so-ever.

Thorsten Esser
Thorsten Esser from Germany,

Kostenlos sehr eingeschränkt

War auf der Suche nach einem Webspace, welcher php scripts ausführen kann.
Leider wird mein php script durch die "browser only access security" komplett blockiert.
Demnach ist der Anbieter absolut unbrauchbar für mich.
Das Inte...Read Morerface ist viel zu umständlich mit Control panel und Client area spariert.
Der Online Editor geht ca 30% der zeit. Und FTP hängt sich bei kleinen Dateien bereits auf.
Serg K

Terrible, a lot of bugs, they tried to squeeze money from me all the time

InfinityFree will ban you for nonsensical reasons.They will try everything to squeeze money from you
InfinityFree/ifastnet hosting banned me not once for idiotic reasons. That's how they want to get money from you.
InfinityFree ...Read Moreis spaming you to move you into useless paid subscription.
You may think that it is indeed infinity free service for you. You are terribly wrong. In 2 years I got suspension twice, and 2 times service was temporarily blocked for high usage though usage did not exceed their stated limits.
First suspension was about adult website in html code. They answered there may be that but only on paid subscription plan.
Second suspesion was because they didn't like the title of my file. So there is a team that monitors what is inside your files, names of your files. It is unacceptable breach of your privacy. And they waste human resources for that kind of rubbish.
InfinityFree service is very bad. It is free if you manage to decline numerous(enormous amount!) offers to switch to paid subscription. But though I use it only from time to time I got plenty cases when my file was not accessible. Sometime for hours!
Uptime is horrible. That infinitely bad service made me spent some minutes to make my terrible experience public.
I hope other users read it and avoid that infinitely bad nonsense. There are an alternatives. Always.
They use URLs app.infinityfree.net and cpanel.epizy.com . That rubbish makes you create 2 accounts in different services to start having your file hosted.
And I couldn't download my whole project in .zip though they have such option in menu. I managed only to download every single file one by one.
And that rubbish has unconvinient interface. Think twice before starting using it. And of course that kind of usability, such a bad service does not deserve even a penny paid for it.
Joe Ritter
Joe Ritter from Hungary,

this is a piece of s**t.

every new html version will suspend the site, and the support doesn't say what was the problem, only they say:
"The following files uploaded are not allowed on a free hosting plan and have been removed: something.html"
It's wor...Read Moren some minute or hours, and after suspend again.
Kim puter
Kim puter from Netherlands,

AVOID at all cost

As you can see from other reviews, website suspension out of nowhere has still not been solved.
It's been overly clear now, that their so-called abuse filter is absolutely NOT working. After years of complaints, they still can't ...Read Morefigure out the problem (because many use only a few simple files they're sure are NOT abusive or copyrighted).
When you recommend your site to your customer or friends, they WILL get annoyed after your site has been offline for the umpteenth time. Your reputation has been damaged beyond repair, with no fault on your side at all.
They're either utterly incompetent to write a proper abuse filter after all these years, or they're doing it on purpose to get you upgraded to the paid Premium account. Both of which are evenly bad.
Samuel Pettry
Samuel Pettry from United States,

Overall terrible

Used it to host one file, that was inputting data into a form, randomizing it and returning the results. And they suspended my account saying that it was against their rules. Pathetic. Do not recommend.
V.g.tarun sai
V.g.tarun sai from India,

Very good even for big buisnesses

See i am running a site with total 1 to 2 lakh pppeople visiting everyhour no problems i have a e-commerce as well and it is good

Now unlimited space and bandwidith si lovely


Why does InfinityFree offer free hosting?

InfinityFree offers free hosting services because they want to allow everyone to build their presence online. They believe that it doesn’t matter who you are and what you’re budget is; you should be able to have a website.

For how long is the free hosting valid?

The best part about InfinityFree is that the hosting service is free forever, or as long as you want it. You can sign up for free and use the hosting service as long as you need it. Some people have been using InfinityFree hosting services for years.

What kind of features does your free plan offers?

For $0/month, you can get 5GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosted domains, 1 FTP account, 50,000 daily hits, and limited server power. The free plan also has Softaculous, which will enable you to easily install popular apps such as WordPress, Joomla, and many more.

Can I upgrade my free plan?

Yes, you can. InfinityFree also offers two Premium plans that provide more features. The Premium plans are powered by iFastNet, and they have free SSL certificates, free migration, cPanel, and free tech support. The Premium plans also have Perl support, Python support, and Ruby on Rails support. Super Premium will cost you $3.99/month and Ultimate Premium $6.90/month.

What kind of support is offered by InfinityFree?

InfinityFree doesn’t have a live chat, phone, email, or ticketing support. This hosting provider’s only type of support is through their knowledge base.

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