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Kinsta Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from Kinsta

Kinsta is a cloud hosting platform designed to help companies and dev teams ship and manage their web projects faster and more efficiently.

We offer:
• 24/7/365 live chat support on all plans. Experts only, holidays included, and in five languages. How good is our support? Read our 40+ 5-star reviews below!
• World-class server infrastructure built on Google Cloud Platform...Read More. We offer GCP’s best C2 Machines and Premium Tier Network for maximum speed and scale.
• 30+ data centers and access to a HTTP/3-enabled CDN with 275+ PoPs to get your content geographically close to your visitors for the best possible performance.
• A single, intuitive portal to manage everything; your MyKinsta dashboard.

Try it yourself!

➡️ Spin up an app or database now with a free trial.
➡️ Set up a WordPress site risk-free with our 30-day money back guarantee. Have a site? We’ll move it! Basic migrations are free.

In addition to the features above, here’s what you get with any app, database, or WordPress plan…

WordPress Hosting Features:
• Free hack fixes. If your website is hacked, we'll fix it with immediate priority.
• Free CDN, free Let's Encrypt SSL, staging environments, automatic daily backups, and the option to create manual backup points anytime.
• Full page caching with granular controls.
• Analytics reports and performance insights.
• SSH, Git, and WP-CLI on all plans.

Application Hosting Features:
• Simple deployments right from your GitHub account.
• Support for all your favorite languages and frameworks, such as NodeJS, PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Scala, and Go.
• Or deploy just about any app using your custom Dockerfiles.

Database Hosting Features:
• Support for MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Redis.
• Connect with Kinsta apps using internal connections. These are faster, more secure, have no row/query limits, and you won’t pay for internal traffic like other web hosts.

Join 55,000+ developers and entrepreneurs using our platform to simplify hosting. Kinsta is trusted by large brands like Hootsuite, Unicef, and Tripadvisor.
Kinsta HomePage Screenshot
Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

VPS AU$52.21 - AU$2,461.27
Cloud Hosting AU$26.85 - AU$29.83


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

Kinsta Awards

Ryan Whitacker

Pinned Review

Ryan Whitacker,
I've been incredibly impressed by Kinsta so far. Their service and support is pretty amazing. I've had responses within minutes. The live chat functions like a ticketing system when you're offline, bu...Read Moret so far it hasn't taken me more than 60 seconds to get a response and a few more minutes to fix any problem. The reps have been fluent in English and well-versed in technology. I probably could have migrated myself, but I paid $100 to make sure it was done right by their team. They did an excellent job, and even followed up to make sure I knew how to do the next steps switching DNS and whatnot.

Aside from service, I moved to Kinsta because I needed a fast host with more allowed configuration (e.g. PHP timeout), a staging environment, and managed CDN/SSL options.

The thing I dislike is session-based pricing. I can't complain too much because all high-end hosts do this. Even Pantheon is shooting themselves in the foot with new pricing. I get a lot of traffic, but use very little bandwidth/processing. I know I'm over-paying right now. Unfortunately I am not a server administrator, so I can't use AWS... yet. Kinsta would be well-advised to watch out for products like Lightsail as Amazon adds more features. It's faster and cheaper, but so far is much harder and requires a lot more technical knowledge. I've tried many hosts, including all of those that are supposed to be the best, and this is perfect for me.

WATCH OUT FOR PEOPLE TELLING YOU WHO THE BEST HOST IS. This space is absolutely full of affiliates who promote the site where they get the biggest commission as the "best." In fact I looked over the top 2 pages in Google and that's all I could see. Check for actual user ratings. This site doesn't seem to manipulate user reviews, but I can't vouch for certain.
Ruth Fast
Ruth Fast from Canada,

Great Technical Support!

Kinsta has provided me with a reliable and FAST hosting platform over the past year. Very infrequently a problem does crop up (usually WordPress related!) and when it does Kinsta provides excellent technical support in a timely m...Read Moreanner. The technicians are patient and informative, and make every effort to solve the problem at hand. I would recommend Kinsta if you are looking for a managed WordPress hosting service.Less
Thank you Ruth for your kind feedback and for choosing Kinsta as your hosting service! ? We are stoked to have you with us ?
Adrian Cowderoy
Moved from IONOS

Amazing quality at a sensible price

I wanted a hosting partner for a new website to provide stories and background about modern secret intelligence methods.

My first criteria was that the hosting must provide strong security, because there are a lot of “bad acto...Read Morers”. (I have also added a Sucuri firewall to the website.)

My second priority was very fast performance and very high reliability to help with SEO. (I’ve been getting steady improvements in SEO with new content overtaking rankings for well-established pages.)

My third priority was to avoid getting bogged into detailed technical matters except where I chose it. (The command interface on Kinsta is easy. The help pages are extensive, but there’s no search – access them using a Google browser by typing “Kinsta “ at the start of your query.)

My surprise was the quality of the service. I’ve led big dev teams in multinationals. At this price, I didn’t expect to be getting the same quality of service as them. An example was the almost immediate and efficient help with whitelisting the firewall.

Thank you, Kinsta.
Thank you, Adrian, for your kind review! We truly appreciate you taking the time and sharing your experience. Keep enjoying Kinsta!
Kevin N
Kevin N from Luxembourg,

Kinsta does change your life and makes it easier

I use Kinsta for about 2 months for developing MVPs in Wordpress CMS during weekends and evenings. I went back to the support team on a daily basis during Xmas time, midnight, 31st December very early morning, 1st January 10 pm an...Read Mored also on typical business days during evenings (I am in Western Europe). NO issues in response time, great support. You can also continue to chat with the latest support guy you had and if you like his advice, that's a basis of trust. Great articles and knowledge base with in dept information if you like to read tons of information. Well you can improve your skills a lot from scratch. In addition you have great tools to switch from a staging development to your production site without hassle and nighthmares, change the database with simple queries or via the support if you feel uncomfortable, delete cache easily. I had a lot advice on many topics (CDN, reverse proxy choices, plugins, SVGs, site performance, security tips, multsite, multi domains, cache issues). Of course they just provide information relative to their service but that is a great basis and save you time for starters and money before even hiring external developers. If you are like me a DIY natural person, then this is the perfect hosting service platform on the world. No brainer for building your WordPress POCs. The infrastructure is top notch and they are building partnership with great other providers (Cloudflare) to provide even better support and security for your hosted websites. I will not be able in 4 weekends to build complete working websites without the help and quick support ( in a minute ) with great answers without the support team (either in America or Eastern Europe depending on the time shift): all are great! No waste of time = $$$ saved.Less
Wow, Kevin, this is such a wonderful and detailed review you've given us, thank you! We truly appreciate your thoroughness on some of the details and your honesty about the experience you're having. We will do our best to provide ...Read Morevalue to you be that through our content, support team, or the tools and features of the service. Thanks for choosing Kinsta! ?Less
Francoise Guyaux
Francoise Guyaux from Canada,
Moved from WP Engine

Best Hosting, Best Support Ever

Usually tech. support put me in a bad mood. They assumed you are dumb, it is long, you go to a first agent that knows nothing. Not at Kinsta. I am always relax because I know their support agents are smart, respectful and nice. An...Read Mored it will be quick, it is never a waste of time like elsewhere. Speed, reliability, everything is perfect. I just wish their features would include a better staging or push a clone to live. The staging is too slow. And there is no one button push clone (other install) to live feature.Less
Thank you, Francoise, for leaving us your honest review! Our support team will be thrilled to read your kind words. :) Regarding your comments on our staging feature, I made sure to add them as feature requests, and we'll do our b...Read Moreest to follow up with you if and when they will be available. Thanks for contributing to making the platform better for everyone! :)Less
David Mocq
David Mocq from France,


The best: why? ... The infrastructures are technically advanced. It is reliable, efficient and secure. And it's not just that, although that would be enough ... Kinsta's soul is made of quality from start to finish ... There would...Read More be a lot of good things to say ... In any case, the technology is of high quality and at the cutting edge of innovation. The sites are in a safe place! Let us also add that the support is REMARKABLE!Less
Wow, David, thank you for writing this kind review! We are so glad you feel this way. We also appreciate your loyalty and constant support. Thank you for being such a fantastic client. :)

Expert Review

Delight Johnson
Delight Johnson
Hosting Expert

Kinsta is an up-and-coming hosting provider that has been gaining traction in the industry for its premium services and modern technology.

As a hosting expert and website owner, I decided to test it myself to provide you with an unbiased review. In this article, I will take a look at Kinsta’s pricing plans, features, performance (speed and loading time), customer support, and user-friendliness.

So whether you’re entirely new to web hosting or have years of experience under your belt, read on to see why I think it is an excellent choice. You will gain insight into its performance so that you can make the best decision for yourself!


Kinsta Review

Since its inception in 2013, Kinsta has grown into a mid-size provider that caters to customers around the globe. Although it may be costly compared to other platforms, it is unquestionably worth every penny – providing top-notch security, speed, and reliability for your website. In addition to this, you get an easy-to-navigate interface with multiple addons which can further enhance performance levels. And best of all, you get access to expert customer support whenever needed.

Kinsta offers managed WordPress hosting, Application hosting, and Database hosting plans. You can also contact support for a custom plan. The company is based in  Los Angeles, California, and is hosted on GCP.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 4.3 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot, which is validated by more than 530 reviews – it’s easy to see why Kinsta is so popular!


Pros and Cons


  • Built on Google Cloud Platform
  • Blazing fast speed & excellent uptime
  • Great security features
  • User-friendly MyKinsta dashboard
  • Server locations all across the globe
  • Best for WordPress users


  • Doesn’t provide email hosting
  • Customer support is a bit slow
  • Cheap plans only for long-term customers

Kinsta provides powerful hardware, automated backups, managed security updates, and a 24/7 expert team standing by to help you every step of the way!

Pros and ConsSo are you ready to enjoy blazing-fast hosting with optimal performance? Try out Kinsta’s hosting solutions today and experience the difference for yourself.


Visit Kinsta


Rating Breakdown

To compare web hosting providers accurately, it is essential to use a methodical approach that outlines criteria and assigns ratings based on how the hosts perform.

Our professionals at HostAdvice have crafted an S.I hosting rating guide to assess and give scores on how different web hostings perform!

ParameterScoreWhy we gave this score
PRICES7.2On Kinsta, you’re backed by a risk-free money-back guarantee. However, I’d give it 7.2 because the plans are a bit pricey when compared to other hosting providers.
FEATURES8.2Kinsta has a plethora of features. However, I’d give them 8.2 because they don’t provide separate plans for shared, VPS, Cloud, and other types of hosting services.
PERFORMANCE 7.9Kinsta performs well and has a guarantee of 99.9% uptime. However, I’d give it 7.9 because the response time is 481 ms which is considered average.
USER FRIENDLINESS9.0Kinsta is extremely user-friendly, offering an intuitive dashboard with plenty of controls and automated features. WordPress can be installed in one-click and all the features can be accessed easily. However, I’d give it a 9.0 because their UI may look too aesthetic to some.
SUPPORT8.0Kinsta offers 24/7 live chat, phone & email support, and a huge knowledgebase. The support agents are quite helpful However, I’d give it 8.0 because the responses take a little longer than usual.


Kinsta Prices & Plans – 2023

Kinsta offers incredible managed WordPress hosting plans along with database and application hosting plans. You can speak to their support if you want a custom plan for your business.

Kinsta gives you a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. They accept credit and debit cards with Visa, Mastercard (including Maestro), Discover, and American Express logos. Wire transfers and ACH are only applicable for annual subscriptions.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
STARTER10 GB25000 visitsMyKinsta Dashboard1$35
PRO20 GB50000 visitsMyKinsta Dashboard2$70
BUSINESS 130 GB100000 visitsMyKinsta Dashboard5$115
BUSINESS 240 GB250000 visitsMyKinsta Dashboard10$225
BUSINESS 350 GB400000 visitsMyKinsta Dashboard20$340
BUSINESS 460 GB600000 visitsMyKinsta Dashboard40$450
ENTERPRISE 1100 GB1000000 visitsMyKinsta Dashboard60$675
ENTERPRISE 2150 GB1500000 visitsMyKinsta Dashboard80$1000
ENTERPRISE 3200 GB2000000 visitsMyKinsta Dashboard120$1350
ENTERPRISE 4250 GB2500000 visitsMyKinsta Dashboard150$1650

Kinsta managed WordPress hosting works best for long-term plans and it’s much more affordable if you buy a yearly subscription. The business plans work best for most customers and they have a wide variety of options available according to your needs.

Tip: You can use starter and pro plans for small and entry-level websites whereas business and enterprise plans can be used for established businesses and large corporations.

Application Hosting


Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
STANDARD 11 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$20
STANDARD 22 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$40
STANDARD 34 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$80
STANDARD 48 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$160
STANDARD 516 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$320

Memory Optimized

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
MEMORY OPTIMIZED 12 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$35
MEMORY OPTIMIZED 24 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$70
MEMORY OPTIMIZED 38 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$135
MEMORY OPTIMIZED 416 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$250
MEMORY OPTIMIZED 532 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$480

CPU Optimized

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
CPU OPTIMIZED 11 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$36
CPU OPTIMIZED 22 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$68
CPU OPTIMIZED 34 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$135
CPU OPTIMIZED 48 GB$0.14/GBMyKinsta DashboardN/A$270

Kinsta’s application hosting provides developers, startups and businesses a reliable platform for their applications. This also allows users to focus on managing their applications and making sure everything runs smoothly with the help of auto-scaling, load balancing, and daily backups.

Tip: Kinsta Application hosting is best for SaaS products and tech startups looking for a seamless hosting service.

Database Hosting

Plan nameSpaceBandwidthPanelNumber of sitesPrice
DATABASE 11 GBN/AMyKinsta DashboardN/A$18
DATABASE 25 GBN/AMyKinsta DashboardN/A$34
DATABASE 310 GBN/AMyKinsta DashboardN/A$65
DATABASE 420 GBN/AMyKinsta DashboardN/A$145
DATABASE 540 GBN/AMyKinsta DashboardN/A$310
DATABASE 660 GBN/AMyKinsta DashboardN/A$800
DATABASE 780 GBN/AMyKinsta DashboardN/A$1200
DATABASE 890 GBN/AMyKinsta DashboardN/A$1850
DATABASE 9100 GBN/AMyKinsta DashboardN/A$3250

Database hosting can be a great way to ensure your site’s performance and keep things running smoothly. Kinsta is a fantastic platform that provides quality database hosting services, allowing customers to quickly and safely store their data.

Tip: Buying database hosting is a smart choice for any website looking for better scalability, reliability, security, and faster page loads.



  • WordPress; Application; Database hosting
  • 1 – click WordPress installs
  • Free SSL
  • Uses Google Cloud Platform

Kinsta uses the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure to host its websites, which provides fast page load times and high uptime. Kinsta provides staging environments for all of its hosting plans, which allow you to safely test out changes to your website before pushing them live.

They also use NGINX, PHP 7, and LXD containers to optimize performance further.

Final: Kinsta Brand Review


Learn more about Kinsta:



Before selecting a web host, you must consider factors like server speed, uptime, and loading time.

Server speed indicates how quickly the host processes the user request and sends the requested data. The uptime is a measure of the time a website is available to its users in a given period, meaning your website visitors will always be able to access your website. Page loading time indicates how quickly your website becomes available for viewing when users visit it.

Kinsta provides an SLA-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee. To get a better understanding of the server speed and load times, I used GTMetrix on rezdy.com – which is hosted on Kinsta.

Here are the results:

rezdy.com had a fair response time (time to first byte) of 563 ms and fully loaded time of 4.1 seconds (studies suggest 0-2 second load time is best for conversion rates) – hence quite slow.

However, the load time also depends on the size of the web pages themselves.

The domain performance is 96% on GMetrix which is considered excellent:

Final: Kinsta Brand Review


Level Of Support  

Final: Kinsta Brand Review


Kinsta doesn’t offer a phone support option. However, if you’re having trouble finding the right plan, you can give a call to their sales agent.

Final: Kinsta Brand Review

Live chat

Kinsta’s live chat support is incredible. The agents are available within a few seconds and you just need to provide them with your email address.

Here’s my chat with one of their live agents:

Final: Kinsta Brand Review

Final: Kinsta Brand Review


The knowledgebase has a searchable database of FAQs, tutorials, and other helpful resources which can be easily found on the website. This means customers can quickly and easily resolve any issue they may have, without having to call customer support.

Final: Kinsta Brand Review


User-Friendliness – Easy of use


It’s simple to register on Kinsta. Just select a plan from their website and click “Choose” as shown in the screenshot:

Final: Kinsta Brand Review

You will be redirected to a page where you will create an account for yourself and add your payment details:

Final: Kinsta Brand Review

Once your registration is completed, you will be redirected to the MyKinsta dashboard – it’s designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. The dashboard allows you to effortlessly monitor your site’s performance, security, and scalability from one central location. It also provides easy access to control panel settings, view billing information, and more. With MyKinsta, managing your WordPress site has never been easier!

Final: Kinsta Brand Review

Kinsta Control Panel

There’s no need to have a separate control panel when you’re working on Kinsta – you can easily manage multiple sites on its beautiful dashboard:

Final: Kinsta Brand Review

Installing WordPress on Kinsta

You can install WordPress in one click. You have to follow two simple steps.

Your left sidebar has a “Sites” option listed after Dashboard. Select this option.

Final: Kinsta Brand Review

Now you will get a prompt to “Install WordPress”. Select this option and choose your server location (it’s recommended to choose the nearest one). Final: Kinsta Brand Review

Now enter the basic details and you’re good to go!

Final: Kinsta Brand Review

After adding the basic details, choose “Add Site” options and WordPress will be added to your Kinsta account.

Final: Kinsta Brand Review

Add an email account with Kinsta

Kinsta doesn’t provide an email hosting option. It relies on Google Workspace to provide professional emails to its customers.

Final: Kinsta Brand Review


Conclusion: Do We Recommend Kinsta?

After extensively researching Kinsta hosting, I’m quite honestly impressed. Not only do they provide the latest technologies such as multiple servers and low-density hosting which allow for powerful performance and page speed loading times, but their customer service is also top-notch. They have round-the-clock support specialists to answer any questions you may have and guide you through any issues you run into quickly and efficiently.

On top of that, their pricing is really affordable for long-term commitments, making Kinsta perfect for any organization regardless of its size or budget constraints.

After discovering all of this about Kinsta hosting, I’m very excited to recommend it to any business looking for reliable performance and great customer service.


What payment methods does Kinsta hosting support?

You can purchase any Kinsta hosting plan by paying with your Visa, Master Card, or American Express credit card, but unfortunately, you can’t use PayPal. You can also make wire transfers.

Can I cancel my hosting plan?

Yes, you can. Kinsta’s support is very helpful and friendly in terms of that, and thanks to their warm and welcoming access, you will be able to cancel your hosting plan in a couple of minutes.

Is Kinsta suitable for WordPress?

Kinsta has totally focused on WordPress, so the answer is yes. This web host provider might be the best WordPress hosting because it has servers designed for running it, software for managing multiple WordPress sites, and a support team trained to deal with it.

Is Kinsta worth the price?

Although Kinsta is a bit more expensive than you might be used to, it is indeed worth the money. You won’t regret a dollar you spend on this provider as it comes with extraordinary features, support, and performance, and it is also beginner-friendly.

How secure will my website be if I use Kinsta?

Kinsta provides a wide range of security features, such as SSL certificates, DDoS protection, two-factor authentication, firewalls, IP blocking, and a lot more. Your website will be secured like no other!

Does Kinsta charge for going over the limits?

Yes, it does. Initially, you will be notified if you are up to 80% of the limit, but you will be charged 1 per extra 1000 visits, $2 per extra 2 GB of disk space, and $0.1 of extra GB per content delivered via CDN. So, pay attention to that, or if you have a more extensive website, consider upgrading your hosting plan.

Is Kinsta a good hosting provider?

Kinsta is a reliable and secure hosting service offering the best performance, scalability, and support for all of your WordPress sites. They use cutting-edge technology to ensure fast loading speeds and high uptime, making sure that your site is always up and running. Kinsta also offers expert 24/7 customer support, which means that you’re never left in the dark when an issue arises.

What servers does Kinsta use?

Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform servers, which are some of the most powerful and reliable servers in the world. This ensures that your site always has access to the latest technology and is always running at top speed.

Is Kinsta better than WP Engine?

Kinsta and WP Engine are both well-established web hosting companies that offer reliable, secure, and hassle-free services. When comparing the two, it really comes down to personal preference.

Is Kinsta only for WordPress?

Kinsta is one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers. However, they have application and database hosting plans on their platform too so it’s not just used for WordPress.

Kinsta Prices, Plans & Features - 2023

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Starter WP 10 GB - 0 B AU$52.21 4.9 Details
Pro WP 20 GB - 0 B AU$104.42 5.0 Details
Business 1 WP 30 GB - 0 B AU$171.54 4.9 Details
Business 2 WP 40 GB - 0 B AU$335.63 5.0 Details
Business 3 WP 50 GB - 0 B AU$507.17 5.0 Details
Business 4 WP 60 GB - 0 B AU$671.26 4.9 Details
Enterprise 1 WP 100 GB - 0 B AU$1,006.88 5.0 Details
Enterprise 2 WP 150 GB - 0 B AU$1,491.68 5.0 Details
Enterprise 3 WP 200 GB - 0 B AU$2,013.77 4.9 Details
Enterprise 4 WP 250 GB - 0 B AU$2,461.27 4.8 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Database Hosting 1 GB - 256 MB Unlimited AU$26.85 4.9 Details
Application Hosting 1 GB - 1 GB Unlimited AU$29.83 4.9 Details

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