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ScalaHosting Review - Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers

A few words from ScalaHosting

Scala Hosting is trusted by 50 000 customers from 120 countries and hosting 700 000+ websites. The company has local presence in the United States and Europe and runs an internal R&D department which focuses on changing the status quo in the web hosting industry. Imagine every website owner running their online business on a fully managed cloud VPS platform at an affordable pri...Read Morece close to the price of shared hosting. The efforts of the R&D department in the last 3 years made that possible by developing the SPanel control panel and the cloud management platform which orchestrates the cloud clusters of Scala Hosting worldwide. Every website owner in the world can finally have their own cloud VPS with a control panel, protected by SShield, daily backups & snapshots, fully managed by experts 24/7/365 at an affordable price.Less
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Free domain
Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting AU$3.95 - AU$9.95
VPS AU$0.00 - AU$179.95
Cloud Hosting AU$30.00 - AU$118.00
Resellers AU$14.95 - AU$39.95
SSL AU$30.00 - AU$149.00

Data Centers

ScalaHosting Awards

Rumina Dorino

Pinned Review

Rumina Dorino,
I got my first server at Scalahosting in 2012. Since then, they have been our sole provider of dedicated servers (almost 30 servers now). At Scalahosting we get up-to-date hardware, a very reliable service and a personal attention you can't easily find with large companies nowadays.
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Christopher Gibbs
Christopher Gibbs from Germany,

They solve problems and give recommendations.

I have been using Scalahosting since several years back. In the beginning they were great now they are just fantastic. Feels safe with such support and service around the clock 24/7 During ALL the years I never had any problem whi...Read Morech they could not solve and they do it in minutes. They don't send you 100 of links and some nonsensical which "normal people" don't understand. They solve problems and give recommendations.Less
Martim Pereira
Martim Pereira from Pakistan,

Have no complaints.

Their support team never fails to provide me support whenever I am experiencing problems with regard to my accounts. I already have 3 clients using their services, and so far they have no complaints.
Garry Boyle
Garry Boyle from New Zealand,

Quick and responsive.

There are not enough great things we can say about Scalahosting. We have only been using them for a month now, but we have been thrilled with the experience so far. The hosting service and domain's value is the best part. I've got...Read Moreten great customer service and more features than I could wish for with them. The customer service is quick and responsive.Less
Riley Mendis
Riley Mendis from United States,

Very quick reaction to the notification and very quick action.

Very quick reaction to the notification and very quick action.
The support is always fast and great with this decent hosting provider. SPanel is the best control panel for me.
Kanon Bouzuki
Kanon Bouzuki from Poland,

Being their customer is a successful business.

I just want to say only three things: awesome speed, awesome support and webmaster-friendly control panel - SPanel!!!! Scalahosting rocks and being their customer is a successful business.
Ornella Lucchese
Ornella Lucchese from Finland,

Impressive support.

Quick, knowledgeable and patient tech support. Understood and fixed my issues quickly and efficiently. Explained what they were doing and provided info via links so I also understood and could follow up if necessary. Impressive support.

Expert Review

Bruno Mirchevski
Bruno Mirchevski
Hosting Expert

Scalahosting expert review cover image

Last Update | May 2022

Monthly Update – May 2022

Hosting PlansManaged Cloud VPS; Self-managed Cloud VPS; Web Hosting; WordPress Hosting
Top FeaturesDecent Loading Time; Remote Daily Backups; Responsive and Knowledgeable Customer Support; Free Domain and Site Migration;

Free SSL and CDN; 1-Click WordPress Install and Unlimited Email Accounts; 30-day Money-Back Guarantee; Easy-to-Use Control Panel;

Customer SupportLive Chat; Ticketing System; Phone and Email Support; Knowledge Base;


During May, Scala Hosting:

  • Announced the launch of its Minecraft Hosting.

ScalaHosting is a US-based web hosting company that is not so well-known, but it still provides a wide range of excellent features, superb speed, and incredible customer support. This web host provider comes from Dallas, Texas, and nowadays, it has two data centers – one in Dallas, Texas, and one in Sofia, Bulgaria. You might be used to some bigger names like SiteGround, Bluehost, or HostGator, but ScalaHosting supports over 700,000 websites in more than 120 countries, which makes it as professional and mature as the other web hosts.

The main reason why this web host provider is globally expanded is because of its incredible features (Free SSL and CDN, 1-Click WordPress Installer, Unlimited Email Accounts, etc.), six hosting plans (Managed Cloud VPS; Self-managed Cloud VPS; Web Hosting; WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Email Hosting), 24/7 customer support, and other incredible benefits you will enjoy as its customer. According to many customer reviews, as well as expert ones, ScalaHosting provides a high level of accessibility to its users and incredible performances. But to see if ScalaHosting reputation isn’t only a marketing trick, I decided to do an in-depth, transparent brand review.

Scala Hosting receives 5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Is ScalaHosting the Right Host For You?

Web hosting is an essential part of your website development process. That’s why it is more than important to choose the right web host for your future business page. My choice could definitely be ScalaHosting because it is a high-quality package of features, superb security, and strong performance that is available at some affordable costs. When I first got the chance to do this ScalaHosting review, I must say that I hadn’t heard about this web host. Thankfully, there were a bunch of expert reviews and customer reviews that helped me throughout this journey.

Once I purchased one of its hosting plans, I was pleasantly surprised by its work. ScalaHosting’s team works hard to deliver the best for your website. The only drawback that I came into was the lower uptime than the promised one of 99.99%. As I got more into details, my attention was captured by their own custom panel – the SPanel. I immediately knew that I had to share my experience with you, so here I am.

ScalaHosting indeed surprised me as I ran into some things that I didn’t expect from this web hosting company, but will their services be enough for your website? To help you make the right choice, I’ve written this ScalaHosting review which is clarified by other customer reviews. So, let’s not waste more time and get down to business.


Here Is How We Review:

Delivering a reliable and transparent expert review is of great importance. These brand reviews bring you closer to the web host and help you understand how it works and what it provides. Our team makes sure to write some of the best reviews by following five crucial steps.

  1. The reviewing process starts with purchasing any hosting plan. How else can we test ScalaHosting if we skip this step? When I say any hosting plan, I mean that it doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. In other words, it is enough to buy even the cheapest plan if it includes all the features that need to be tested.
  2. Because we mentioned the features, our second step is connected to exploring them. Our team carefully and thoroughly explores every single feature. But besides the features, our team also monitors the performance and the speed of the chosen web host provider.
  3. The third step is analyzing the pros and cons of the web host, checking if their services are worth your time and money, and also testing their customer support. Once we do this, we go to the next step.
  4. The first three steps are the most important ones, but we couldn’t reach the audience without publishing the review. After we make sure everything is done as needed, we publish our expert review and update it when it has some changes.
  5. The last unbreakable part of the process is taking into consideration the customer reviews on the Internet. It is always best to get information about something first-hand, so we always clarify our brand reviews by using ratings from those who have already tried the web host.
Note: During April, ScalaHosting announced a new SPanel update.



  • An average speed of 608 ms
  • High-level security features
  • Fast customer service response times
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Free SSL certificates
  • One-click installations
  • Free website migrations


  • Higher renewal costs
  • Uptime of 99.73%


scalahosting logoChoose between two high-performing data centers in the US and Europe and serve your customers from the closest possible locations.

Visit ScalaHosting


Parameter ScoreWhy did we give this score?
User Friendly9.8ScalaHosting is a suitable web hosting company for beginners, and it is very easy to use. You can create your account in a few simple steps, migrate your website, and install a website builder with just one click, meaning you can enjoy your web host journey. However, I give it a score of 9.8 because some people tend to choose a web host builder with a cPanel, not in-house-built panels like the SPanel.
Support8.5According to many customer reviews and expert ones, ScalaHosting comes with fantastic support that has everything you need. The users can benefit from Live Chat, Ticketing System, Phone and Email Support, and Knowledge Base. In my personal experience, I waited for about 10 minutes for a reply, so I decided to give a score of 8.5 for support.
Features9.8ScalaHosting comes with six hosting plans that provide a wide range of excellent features. Your website can benefit from free SSL certificates, daily backups, advanced security features (SShield Blocks), a next-generation control panel (SPanel), and a 24/7 friendly support team. Due to these fantastic features, we give ScalaHosting a score of 9.8.
Reliability8.2This web host company is initially from Dallas, Texas. Now, it has two data centers (one in Dallas, Texas, one in Sofia, Bulgaria) that offer a decent website speed of 608 ms and a loading time of 1.2 seconds. But things go downwards when it comes to uptime. ScalaHosting comes with an uptime of 99.73%, so we went with a score of 8.2.
Pricing9.4ScalaHosting comes with relatively affordable plans that start at a minimum of $2.95 for the Email Hosting plan, and you also have a chance to build your personal cloud VPS with the Self-managed Cloud VPS plan. But because ScalaHosting prices increase when you need to purchase a plan renewal, we gave it a 9.4 for the pricing.
Overall Score9.1ScalaHosting is a less-known but top-quality web hosting company which provides many benefits for its users. However, it still needs some minor improvements in the uptime to become even better.


ScalaHosting Prices & Plans – 2022

ScalaHosting works pretty hard to stay in competition with the bigger web hosts and even surpass them. To do this, the provider offers various hosting plans that are suitable for different business websites. Today, I’ll break down six ScalaHosting plans – Managed Cloud VPS; Self-managed Cloud VPS; Web Hosting; WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Email Hosting.

First is the Managed Cloud VPS Hosting plan, which starts at $14.95/month. This plan offers four hosting levels such as Start, Advanced, Business, and Enterprise. These four levels provide features like 24/7/365 support and regular server maintenance, automatic daily backups, free website migrations, and many more.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


Besides the Managed Cloud VPS plan, ScalaHosting comes with a Self-Managed Cloud VPS that basically lets you build your own Cloud VPS for your best business needs. In contrast to the Managed Cloud VPS, the Self-Managed one starts at $59/month.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


Also, various add-ons can be purchased to streamline the hosting experience.

ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


The third plan is Web Hosting, which is one of the cheapest options for your website. The Web Hosting plan offers four levels – Mini, Start, Advanced, and Managed VPS. The users can benefit from free SSL certificates, a one-click installer, daily backups, and many more features.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


WordPress Hosting is the fourth hosting plan that starts at $3.95/month. ScalaHosting included this plan to provide the best WordPress-optimized hosting experience to its customers. This plan has four levels WP Mini, WP Start, WP Advanced, and Managed VPS. Each of the plans comes with advanced security features like SShield, automatic backups, malware scans, etc.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


The cheapest ScalaHosting plan is the Reseller Hosting. This plan starts at only $2.95/month and allows you to start selling hosting in less than a minute. Like the previous plans, the Reseller one also has four levels – Scala1, Scala2, Scala3, and Managed VPS that offer plenty of features.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


Last but not least is the Email Hosting plan. This hosting plan is of great importance for your business website as the CPU and RAM cloud resources are only yours to use. Email Hosting has four levels – StartUp, SmallBiz, Medium, and Corporate. The cheapest plan is $2.95.month, while the most advanced is $14.95/month.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


We haven’t even started yet, and we are facing some great benefits from ScalaHosting! What else can you expect? Keep reading my ScalaHosting review to find out more about this incredible web host.


Features & Benefits

At the very beginning of using ScalaHosting as your web host, you will run into a great range of features. The features are a crucial part of the web host as they draw page traffic to your future website. The more page traffic, the more famous your business will be. If you want to have one of the best websites on the Internet, then check out these ScalaHosting features.

1. Global Presence

A global presence is essential for every successful web host provider. ScalaHosting supports more than 50,000 users and 700,000 websites worldwide. More precisely, this web host company has reached 120 countries and has two data centers. The first one is in Dallas, Texas, where the company is from, and the second one is in Sofia, Bulgaria, in Europe. The location of the data center plays a huge role in the website speed, so keep that in mind.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


2. In-house Built Control Panel

What I love about ScalaHosting is definitely their custom control panel – SPanel. In fact, the SPanel is like an alternative to the famous cPanel, with the difference that this is a newer one. Once you log in to the SPanel, you’ll get access to many features and actions that only improve your web host experience. Also, you can install WordPress with just one click. Although it is something different from what you might be used to, the SPanel is very straightforward, and you shouldn’t have any difficulties.

3. Security

One of the strongest sides of ScalaHosting is its security. In the Security Tab, you can access security-enhancing features such as SSH access, IP blocker, SSL/TLS, ModSecurity, and Two-Factor Authentication. But what makes this web host unique is the SShield security implementation. It protects your websites from attackers (DDoS attacks and Hacking), and it does this by monitoring all of your websites 24/7. The SShield detects it and suspends any hacking attempt.

4. Free Website Migrations

Another incredible feature is the possibility of free website migrations. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. There won’t be requesting any additional fees. But the best part is the simplicity of this process. The ScalaHosting team will manually transfer all existing sites from your previous host to your new server. To start the process, you should just enter the login details for your old host.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


5. Automatic Daily Backups

By doing my ScalaHosting review, I came across automatic daily backups. The automatic daily backups guarantee that your site will be backed up to a remote server, so you will always have access to a recent copy of your data, files, emails, databases, and all other important information in case of an issue. Thanks to the SPanel, the users could also restore their backups by simply logging in to the SPanel and navigating to the ‘Restore Backups’ tab.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


6. 24/7/365 Customer Support

ScalaHosting provides wonderful support to its customers. You can choose how to solve your problem from a few support options – Live Chat, Ticketing System, Phone and Email Support, and Knowledge Base. Each of these options is powered by a knowledgeable expert team that tends to help you with any kind of issue.

7. Website Builder

ScalaHosting provides Divi as their website builder that will help you through this journey. However, this is not their product, so you’ll still need to pay for it.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


* Read more about the best website builders available today on the market

These are some of the best features that make ScalaHosting stand out from the crowd. Once you purchase any of its plans, you will get a bunch of features that enhance your business website.

Warning: The cheapest hosting plans don’t come with many features. It is better to buy a more advanced plan.



Your business gets the most profit from the performance of your website. Now, you must wonder how this is so important, but let me explain. If you surf the Internet and check out different websites, you’ll probably stay the most at the website that loads fast, that is fast, and most importantly, the website that doesn’t have downtime. In order to have a reliable website and high-level performance, you should carefully choose your web host provider. In terms of these qualities, ScalaHosting has a bit lower rating due to the lower uptime of 99.73%.

Speed – Two Data Centers That Boost the Website’s Speed

While many US-based web hosts maintain data centers in the US only, the incredible Scala Hosting thinks of its users in the other part of the world. If you are located in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and even parts of Asia, then you can safely choose the second data center – Sofia, Bulgaria. When it comes to speed, there aren’t any issues here. ScalaHosting’s average website speed is 608 ms, which is pretty decent, even though it’s not the fastest I’ve seen.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


In the last six months, we’ve monitored a great speed improvement. As you can see in the image above, there is a drastic difference, especially since February.

Uptime – Worse Than Expected (99.73% in the Last Year)

The uptime of one website is the most crucial thing for its performance. If your website crashes often, then the visitors will probably leave it, meaning you’ll lose some page traffic. I definitely didn’t expect from ScalaHosting to have an uptime of 99.73%, but there it is. In other words, the downtime was about 12 hours during the last year.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


Loading Time – B Ranking From GTmetrix

Experts say that it is best if your page loads faster than 2 seconds. Fortunately, ScalaHosting has a page loading time of 1.2 seconds which is pretty decent. Your website will load in the blink of an eye. However, you could have a better loading time if you optimize the HD images.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


Level of Support

The first drawback in my ScalaHosting brand review was the lower uptime, but can the support make up for that? According to other customer reviews, I think that it can. By doing thorough research about ScalaHosting, I’ve read many positive critics about their support. I decided to test it myself, so I had to share that experience with you.

ScalaHosting provides Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Phone and Email Support, and Ticketing System. The first thing I tested was ScalaHosting’s Ticketing System. But first, let’s see how to get to it.

By logging in to your ScalaHosting account, you will see ‘Support.’ Click on it, and then click on ‘Open a New Ticket.’


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


After you open a ticket, you could choose from support about the hosting itself, billing, sales, or abuse.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


Once you choose the category that best describes your issue, you can explain the problem and submit the ticket.


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)


ScalaHosting (Brand Review)

You should keep in mind that Scala Hosting guarantees that they’ll answer any inquiries in 30 seconds over the live chat and 15 minutes through the ticket system. From my personal experience, they keep their word. It’s not just an advertisement.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


I followed the link that their agent sent me, and I got to the following screen.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


From my personal experience, they keep their word


From my personal experience, they keep their word


The process was pretty easy, and I highly recommend ScalaHosting for its customer service. Not only that ScalaHosting’s team ready to help, but they are also knowledgeable and guide you through the process.

In terms of the Live Chat support, I didn’t have a personal experience, but from what I’ve read in other expert reviews and also customer reviews, the agents were very friendly and happy to solve your issue. So, once again, I highly recommend this web host provider. But what else will you come across during this journey?


User Friendly

So far, I have discussed some more formal sides of ScalaHosting. Now, I want to share the user-friendly experience with you, which might persuade you to choose ScalaHosting as your future web host. Nowadays, one web host needs to be user-friendly as not everyone has technical skills. Personally, I am most attracted to simple and beginner-friendly platforms that aren’t confusing. From what I’ve seen, it looks like ScalaHosting understood what has to be done. I’ve already mentioned that ScalaHosting comes with a SPanel control panel, which presents some newer or next-generation of control panels that provide a pleasant and smooth experience to the customers.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


1. Creating an Account With ScalaHosting

Everything I’ve explained above only implies to those who will create a ScalaHosting account. This ScalaHosting brand review will provide the whole process of creating an account a bit later. Now, I just want to briefly bring you closer to the process. If you are new to this industry, you might be nervous about the whole process, but there is nothing to worry about. Creating an account with ScalaHosting is a straightforward process that only requires purchasing a plan, registering or migrating a domain, and that’s it. You’ll have a new account in no time.

2. Migrating a Website

One of the things I love the most about this provider is that the website migration is free of cost. Transferring your site or hosting to ScalaHosting will come at no additional cost for you, and your websites will also be verified on the new server. Also, this is a very important option for one web host because no one wants their old website to fail.


From my personal experience, they keep their word

3. One-click Installations

Personally, installing an application might be one of the most complicated things if it is done manually. However, ScalaHosting has the Softaculous one-click installer, which drastically helps you with this process. You just need to choose the application, and you’ll have it installed on your website by the ScalaHosting expert team.

These three features might be the ones that determine whether you’ll choose this web host provider or not. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t like user-friendly web hosts. As I continue with my ScalaHosting brand review, I am just more and more surprised by this company, so I can’t wait to show you how to create and manage your ScalaHosting account so you can get to enjoy its features.


Step by Step Walkthrough

So far, I have gone in-depth in every single feature, performance, and support option, and it looks like ScalaHosting has everything you might be searching for. If you’ve read other brand reviews written by me, you must know that this is the most exciting part of the expert review for me.

ScalaHosting provides a straightforward and quick process of creating an account. But the question is how to get started? When you open the ScalaHosting home page, you’ll see a sign-up button in the top right corner.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


However, that’s not the only way to sign up. You can also click on ‘Hosting’ in the main menu and choose the hosting plan that you think is most suitable for your business page.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


I usually go with the cheapest hosting plan the web host provides because I only purchase it for the purpose of my review. That’s why I went with the Web Hosting Mini plan.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


You just need to click on ‘Get Started’ and choose the length of the hosting plan.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


After you do that, you’ll be taken to the configuration screen, where you can change your mind and change the length of the trial.

Warning: Scala Hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Servers, and SSL Certificates, but the refund applies to new clients only.

Once you finish with this, you need to choose a domain.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


As showcased in the image above, you can register a new domain, transfer an already-existing one, or use an existing domain and update the nameservers. Another great thing is the ‘Order Summary’ that shows your total receipt the whole time. When you are done with the domain, you’ll proceed to the following screen.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


Here, you need to create your account by entering your email and password.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


After creating your account, you’ll be asked to confirm it.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


The next step is to log in to your ScalaHosting account, and there you have it. You can start enjoying your account, and believe me, you will!


From my personal experience, they keep their word


Using and Managing Your Account on ScalaHosting

Once you log in to your ScalaHosting account, you’ll see the following screen.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


I’ve already explained some options this web host has, but now, I’ll show you where to find them. First, pay attention to the left side of the screen. That is the main menu, where you’ll find a bunch of options.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


More precisely, you’ll see your client area home, details, services, domains, support, billing, the referral program, and the order new services tab.

Another feature I must mention before I start explaining how to manage your account is the referral program. This feature allows you to get paid for referring ScalaHosting to your acquaintances.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


Now, let’s see how to manage your account. To manage your account, you should click on ‘Manage,’ which is followed by ‘Manage Service.’


From my personal experience, they keep their word


You’ll have access to quick shortcuts and quickly create email accounts by clicking on that tab.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


You’ll see even more if you log in to the cPanel. To log in, click on the ‘Actions’ tab.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


Once you log in, you’ll come across many features that enhance your website.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


Wow, this definitely looks like a lot, but don’t worry. I’ll try to cover them all.

First is the ‘Email’ tab. In this tab, you’ll find tools that help you create email accounts, forwarders, email routing, autoresponders, default addresses, email lists, track delivery, global email filters, email filters, and email deliverability while also gaining access to address importer, spam filters, email marketing, encryption, box trapper, calendars and contacts, email disc usage and professional spam filter.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


Next is the ‘Files’ tab, which provides file manager, images tab, directory privacy,  disk usage, web disk, FTP accounts, FTTP connections, backup, backup wizard, Git Version Control, File and Directory Restoration, and R1Soft Restore Backups.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


Moving on, you’ll run into the ‘SEO and Marketing Tools.’ This section comes with many tools, such as Get in Google, SEO Tools, increase website traffic, link building, SEO for Resellers and Webmasters, SEO Optimized WordPress themes, WordPress Social Media Optimization, Drag and Drop Visual Page Builder, Free Shopping Cart, Free Email Marketing Tools and Hire a Web Designer.


From my personal experience, they keep their word


I was overwhelmed by all these tools, so I decided to explain them individually. First are Get In Google, SEO Tools, Increase Website Traffic, and Link Building.

This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


Then, SEO for Resellers and Webmasters is a service offered by TheHoth that allows you to sell custom SEO services to your clients.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


SEO Optimized WordPress Themes is done through Divi, which is a visual drag-and-drop website builder that lets you create a website through blocks that you just drag, drop, extend and reposition. As simple as it can be.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


Fourth is the WordPress Social Media Optimization tool that presents a pattern here, as the same company behind Divi, Elegant Themes, also has their other product. Monarch is essentially a social media sharing plugin optimized for WordPress.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


Another SEO tool is the Drag and Drop Visual Page Builder, Divi. Keep in mind that you need to pay in order to use this website builder.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


Next is the Free Shopping Cart, which lets you sell products through Shopify.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


The Free Email Marketing Tools allow you to create branded emails, build a website, and make it easier for people to find you from a single platform.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


Last is Hire a Web Designer, done through FreeUp! This is a freelance platform for pre-vetted freelancers.

Now that we’re done with the SEO tools, we can safely move on. The ‘Databases’ section is one of the most important sections on any web host provider. Here you can find tools to manage your databases, such as phpMyAdmin, MySQL Databases, MySQL Database Wizard, Remote MySQL, PostgreSQL Databases, PostgreSQL Database Wizard, and phpPgAdmin.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


In the ‘Domains’ section, you can find the site publisher, domains, add-on domains, subdomains, aliases, redirects, zone editor, and dynamic DNS.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


After the ‘Domains’ section, you will see the ‘Metrics’ tab. In this tab, you’ll get access to visitors, errors, bandwidth, raw access, Awstats, metrics editor, and Google Rankings.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


As I move on, I am more and more amazed by this web hosting company. In the ‘Security’ tab, you’ll see SSH access, IP blocker, SSL/TLS, Manage API Tokens, Hotlink Protection, Leech Protection, SSL/TLS Wizard, ModSecurity, SSL/TLS Status, and Two-Factor Authentication.

Next is the ‘Software’ section that allows you access to Cloudflare, WordPress Manage by Softaculous, PHP PEAR Packages, Perl Modules, RubyGems, Site Software, Optimize Website, MultiPHP Manager, MultiPHP INI Editor, Free Shopping Cart, WordPress Themes, and the Softaculous Apps Installer.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


If you open the ‘Advanced’ tab, you’ll see some more complex features that additionally improve your website. Here, you’ll see cron jobs, track DNS, indexes, Error Pages, Apache Handlers, MIME types, Virus Scanner, and Resource usage.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


Moving forward, you’ll come across the ‘Preferences’ section. This tab provides access to password and security, change language, change style, contact information, and user manager.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


Last is the ‘Applications’ tab, where you’ll see the WordPress application. This tab allows you to create a site here directly.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


You just need to click on ‘Create Site,’ choose a domain, and that’s it. You’ll get your WordPress account in seconds.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


It may look like I’m done, but ScalaHosting is so incredible that there is a whole other section that needs to be explained, and that is the SPanel. As I already mentioned, the SPanel serves as an alternative to the cPanel, and it is a custom control panel of ScalaHosting. To access the SPanel, you should purchase a managed hosting plan.

The first difference is that in the place of cPanel, you’ll see the SPanel logo.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


Click on ‘Manage Server’ and then on ‘Login to SPanel.’


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


Once you are in, you can create and manage accounts by simply clicking on create an account located under the Accounts Management Section.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


You can also install WordPress, but it is as easy as on the cPanel. First, you click on ‘list accounts’ and look for your newly generated one. Then, you should click on ‘Actions’ and click on ‘login.’


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After you do this, scroll all the way down to the ‘WordPress Manager’ tab.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


Once you click on it, you’ll be requested to select the domain path where you want to install the WordPress website.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


After it is installed, you’ll receive a confirmation email.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


What is also possible on this SPanel is to create backups. You’ll need to log into your account and find the ‘Backup’ function under the ‘Files’ tab.


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Click on ‘Backup,’ and then you’ll need to click on the ‘Generate Backup’ button.


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Once the process is done, you’ll receive a notification.


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


Besides installing WordPress and creating backups, the SPanel also allows you to install SSL certificates. First, go to the ‘Tools’ tab, and find ‘SSL Certificates.’


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This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


The process is simple, and it is done in a few seconds, which means you shouldn’t have any issues.

Another thing that the SPanel allows you to do is to create a subdomain. In order to do this, you’ll need to go to the ‘Domains’ section.


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This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


I don’t even have the words to explain how I feel about ScalaHosting. Everything I can say is that this web host provider surpassed my expectations. But, there is still one thing left. If you aren’t satisfied with the WordPress services, you can uninstall the application at any time. Simply find the WordPress installation and click on ‘Uninstall.’


This is a service provided by Attracta, the World’s Largest SEO Service


Conclusion: Do We Recommend ScalaHosting?

The short answer is yes. We highly recommend ScalaHosting as it is one of the best web host providers that I’ve come across. I must say, I am lucky that I had the opportunity to write this ScalaHosting review, as I learned a lot about this provider.

ScalaHosting is a less-known provider, but it comes with some mind-blowing tools (Free Shopping Cart, Free Email Marketing Tools, etc.), advanced security features (two-factor authentication, IP blocker, free SShield, etc.), and really amazing performances, such as fast loading time of 1.2 seconds, and website speed of an average of 608 ms. It is more than obvious that ScalaHosting has worked so hard to reach the level they are at today. Give it a bit more time, and you might see ScalaHosting at the top of the list.

I am very satisfied with every single feature this web host provider offers, and I highly recommend using ScalaHosting. However, if I didn’t manage to persuade you, you can always read other expert reviews, as well as customer reviews, to get first-hand information.

Monthly Updates

During April 2022, Scala Hosting:

During March 2022, Scala Hosting:

During February 2022, Scala Hosting:

  • No updates.

During January 2022, Scala Hosting:

  • Announced a new SPanel update.
  • HostReview announced that Scala Hosting is among one of the best web hosting companies for January.

During December 2021, Scala Hosting:

  • No updates.

During November 2021, Scala Hosting:

During October 2021, Scala Hosting:

During September 2021, Scala Hosting:

During August 2021, Scala Hosting:

  • No updates

During July 2021, Scala Hosting:

  • No updates

During June 2021, Scala Hosting:

During May 2021, Scala Hosting:

  • Didn’t issue any new features or updates
  • Didn’t report any server issues


Does ScalaHosting have a cPanel?

ScalaHosting has a cPanel that is easy to use, but it also comes with a custom control panel known as SPanel. Both panels are user-friendly and come with a bunch of tools that enhance your and your customers’ experience.

Will I get a free domain name?

Unfortunately, ScalaHosting offers a free domain name only for the first year. It’s not the best but is a considerable bonus.

Is ScalaHosting support team friendly?

Having a friendly team is great, but having a friendly and knowledgeable team is even better. ScalaHosting comes with the second version. Their team is knowledgeable and always happy to solve any of your issues.

Is ScalaHosting worth it?

ScalaHosting might be a bit more expensive in comparison to other web host providers, but I can 100% say that it is worth it. Its hosting plans come with incredible features, and you won’t be disappointed.

Does ScalaHosting offer a website builder?

Unfortunately, ScalaHosting is one of the web host providers that don’t offer a free website builder. If you want to use one, you must pay some additional fees.

Can I migrate my already-existing website?

Yes, you can. ScalaHosting expert team will take care of the website migration in the blink of an eye. In other words, you should just do one simple click, and you’ll get your old website.

Does the money-back guarantee cover all services?

Even though you might expect a refund for some services, ScalaHosting does not offer a refund for purchased dedicated servers, renewal, transfer, or domain registration, software licenses, and custom software installs.

ScalaHosting Prices, Plans & Features - 2022

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Mini 20 GB Unlimited cPanel 1 AU$3.95 4.9 Details
Start 50 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited AU$5.95 5.0 Details
Advanced 100 GB Unlimited cPanel Unlimited AU$9.95 4.7 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
Managed Cloud VPS Start 50 GB 2 x 2.50GHz 4 GB AU$29.95 4.7 Details
Managed Cloud VPS Advanced 100 GB 3 x 2.50GHz 8 GB AU$63.95 5.0 Details
Managed Cloud VPS Business 150 GB 5 x 2.50GHz 16 GB AU$121.95 5.0 Details
Managed Cloud VPS Enterprise 200 GB 9 x 2.50GHz 24 GB AU$179.95 5.0 Details
Start for free Unlimited - 0 B AU$0.00 4.8 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Self-managed Cloud VPS 1 240 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 8 GB 3 TB AU$59.00 4.9 Details
Self-managed Cloud VPS 2 260 GB 4 x 2.50GHz 10 GB 3 TB AU$65.00 5.0 Details
Self-managed Cloud VPS 3 290 GB 6 x 2.50GHz 12 GB 5 TB AU$30.00 5.0 Details
Self-managed Cloud VPS 4 350 GB 6 x 2.50GHz 16 GB 5 TB AU$118.00 4.7 Details

Resellers Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Price Score
Scala1 25 GB 1 TB cPanel AU$14.95 4.4 Details
Scala2 50 GB Unlimited cPanel AU$24.95 4.4 Details
Scala3 75 GB Unlimited cPanel AU$39.95 5.0 Details

SSL Plans

Plan Name Features Warranty Price Score
RapidSSL AU$14,812.50 AU$30.00 5.0 Details
RapidSSL Wildcard AU$14,812.50 AU$149.00 5.0 Details

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